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  1. Techno Mancer

    Terraria Song Names

    This thread is about taking a song name and Terraria-fying it! Example: Cry Me A Reaver (Cry Me a River) Start!
  2. Techno Mancer

    The Death Message Glitch

    I was on my world and i got hurt. I was one hit away from death so i talked to the nurse. Right when i hit "heal" i got hit and died, but instead of saying "Arfur was killed by an indescriminent force" it just said "Arfur". I dont know what's up with this.
  3. Techno Mancer

    PC Who Gives A Shop? Selling Pre-Hardmode Items For A Low Price!

    Hello! This is my shop, where I sell anything you need Pre-Hardmode. Just request an item and I'll happily grind it if it is in the realm of realism and then sell it to you for a low and realistic fee. Prices below. SHIPPING FEE: 20 Gold (Normal) 25 Gold (Expert) COMMONLY NEEDED: Any 1 sword...
  4. Techno Mancer

    PC Selling Late Game Mob Drops For Late Game Items Via Steam

    Hello! Welcome to here. I sell late game drops in exchange for other items. Have a look. For Sale: *Star Wrath *2 Cursed Saplings (Pet) *3 Portal Guns *85 Luminite Bars, 1 Luminite Ore *2 Broken Hero Swords *Cosmic Car Keys *Solar Eruption *The Eye Of Cthulhu (Yo-Yo) *2 Seedlings (Pet) *2...
  5. Techno Mancer

    Im Coming Out

    Hello, I have something to say that i want to get off my chest. I dont know how to say it, but... I think the Moon Lord is easy. I have thought he was easy since i first battled him with defensive Beetle armor and Daybreak, and i still think so. I can't help it. I can't change the way i feel. I...
  6. Techno Mancer

    Glitching Through Floors.

    i noticed in my Juan-Point-True playthrough, i could glitch through the floor with this little exploit. If you run at a wall with a 1 block gap nect to it fast enough (fully charged hermes boots levels of speed) in an area like this you can fall through the floor. Also, sometimes i would be able...
  7. Techno Mancer

    Where The Heck Are The Martian Probes?!

    **RESOLVED** I just sat through 2 blood moons and a solar eclipse next to a water candle in space, gaining 2 platinum, but finding no Martian Probes! How rare are they??
  8. Techno Mancer

    Member-Run Project The 1st Terraria "Draw This For Me" Thread!

    The way this kind of thread works is people in the replies request artwork of anything Terraria-related and people willing to draw them will finish the request, no charge. The Rules: Artists All artists are welcome! Regardless of your skill, be sure to contribute if you want to! When doing...
  9. Techno Mancer

    How do i find floating islands (Without wasting bullets)?

    Currently i am trying to find floating islands without having to buy bullets and mine meteorite ore. My current strategy is building a sky-walk and jumping off to see if i can land on an island. Any other ways that may be easier?
  10. Techno Mancer

    A little thing i noticed

    When generating a new world in Terraria 1.3, it shows which kind of biome you'll have (Crimson/Corruption). But, i found out that if you are making a Corrupt world, the bar is green to go along with the color of Cursed Flames, the main weapon component for the Corruption. If youre generating a...
  11. Techno Mancer

    Your most MLG stats.

    This is a thread about posting moments where youve gotten some pretty MLG stats. This is a little hard to explain: So, you take a picture of a time when a statistic in a game or TV show, perhaps, reaches a "MLG" number like "69", "420", "666", "1337 (Leet)" and so on. Here's mine.
  12. Techno Mancer

    Random Jokes for the yuks!

    This thread is about posting the stupidest, puniest, and yukkiest of your jokes! I'll start: What did the hunter say about the new gun model? "I musket that!" huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuh
  13. Techno Mancer

    Don't Starve General Discussion

    So, I haven't seen any Dont Starve threads here, and I'll be the one to make it. This will just be a place to converse about Dont Starve in general. I don't know how to start, so I guess I'll just say that once I survived until day 102.
  14. Techno Mancer

    Problems with ore progression

    Hello, and welcome to the 501st thread, not the 500th. *:sigh:* Anyways, I think their should be some sort of ore progression. It's super easy to skip copper and easy to skip iron right to silver. Maybe there should be a restriction, something like disabling the ability to mine silver and gold...
  15. Techno Mancer

    What's the deal?

    This game is about posting a comment about the persons name and/or profile picture saying "What's the deal with ______? (Or what is with these ______?)" Example: *Persons pic is a person fighting demon eyes* Your post would be "What's the deal with floating eyes?" Hopefully this was enough...
  16. Techno Mancer

    PC WOF Easy Guide

    Hello! I am imawinner21 and I would like to present to you my easy strategy to beating the WOF on your first try (not guarenteed). DISCLAIMER: this does require about 10 minutes of farming the queen bee if you decide to use beenades for the extra damage. Anyways, what I do every time I deafeat...
  17. Techno Mancer

    Visual Media I need to show these videos to the public

    https://m.youtube.com/watch?list=PLR_y64S1IadQ-4mDRxo4nSLMJuhscIiIX&params=OAFIAVgI&v=yOBMVdwVPCI&mode=NORMAL https://m.youtube.com/watch?list=PLR_y64S1IadQ-4mDRxo4nSLMJuhscIiIX&v=C20EAee23Bk&params=OAFIAVgH&mode=NORMAL Oh god, my lungs are exploding. WHO KNEW- *coughs blood* laughing...
  18. Techno Mancer

    How do you like to progress?

    Hello, I haven't seen any thread like this so I think it's time to ask: How do you like to progress? Normally I like to play with fishing early-game for ores and some weapons, but I turn to using the best stuff I can find mid-game, and once I became a summoner end-game. I also tried being a...
  19. Techno Mancer

    Your most frustrating moments as a noob.

    Hello, I would like to know what your most frusterating moments as a newbie to the world of Terraria. I've had a LOT, but I've gotta say my most frustrating moment was when I on my first try of terraria I (stupidly) did Mediumcore and at the point when I had silver armor, I didn't know glow...
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