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    Give melee some early lifesteal

    As of current situation there are 4 classes - melee, ranged, mage, summoner. Even considering yoyos and flails melee has been heavily outranged by other 3 classes, which gives them big advantage in boss killing. Considering all breakthrough points requre killing bosses (almost all prehardmode...
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    Journey mode is incompatible with medium- and hard-core

    Liar. They had implemented early game mod sets, they had implemented inbetween planet Junctions with free rewards, they had implemented early "challenges" for accessing said junctions and getting knowledge of different aspects of the game, they even had reworked tutorial at some moment of...
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    Journey mode is incompatible with medium- and hard-core

    Well, there was many players, who did. So it means while you're veteran player, you're still novice. Which only prove my words, that you're novice who sees some game moments as too difficult for him. In case you'd be veteran you'd have 0 problem with collecting materials now. Even in case you...
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    master mode

    It does have expert mode drops already.
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    Journey mode is incompatible with medium- and hard-core

    As also a veteran player with hundreds of hours (500+ at least on steam, played since there was no wall of flesh) i clearly see Journey mode as testing playground for novices, where they can check, if they could go for more since beginning, would better stick for normal difficulty or just go...
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    Journey mode is incompatible with medium- and hard-core

    I don't think this is good idea because Journey mode is essentialy novice mode, when new players, who don't know, what to wait from the game, could ease up some moments they cannot/don't know how to deal with. Entire mode isn't supposed to be punishing, but rewarding.
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    PC [1.4] Why can't you make vanity accesories invisible?

    I clearly agree, vanity slots are often used as slots for swappable trinkets, when you wear both battle and mining/fishing/building/whateverisnotbosskilling things. Even easy swap on RMB exists between this slots. Adding up an eye on vanity slots as on normal slots would be awesome.
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    Suggestion about banners, bestiary and damage/protection bonuses

    I want to suggest to redo system of bonuses which is currently represented by banners. As we all know, currently we got banner every 50 monsters killed in world and we get pretty huge bonuses to damage to this monsters and to protection against their damage. But as in some situations players...
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