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    tModLoader Class Based RPG Mod

    Is anyone noticing that when using the soulbound class a lot of other mod summons are bugged Like the Master Libram from the Thorium mod is bugged in that the attack annimations go off but they dont actually do damage unless the summon runs into an enemy.
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    tModLoader Rockos ARPG

    Any chance of adding an option to move the status screen in the inventory screen
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    tModLoader Rockos ARPG

    ok i found out what was wrong it was bount to esc which is the terraria default for menu, just had to rebind to another key like minecraft all over again thanks for the quick response. :)
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    tModLoader Rockos ARPG

    Is this mod working for the current terraria patch with tmodloader cuz when i have it loaded it shows the hp mp and xp bar and the status menu in the character screen but nothing else besides that no stats next to your equipment or the 7,8,9 keys to assign points?
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