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  1. Jerrylik

    Name an underrated weapon that you like from a video game.

    I personally love the Horde Guillotine (from FFXIV), it looks so heavy and badass with that glowing Nidhogg eye.
  2. Jerrylik

    IC Survival of the Fastest

    I have over 100 already, LoL
  3. Jerrylik

    Texture Pack Whispers of the Old Gods

    Hi, are you sure that his appearance is based on Hearthstone and World of Warcraft?
  4. Jerrylik

    What Was The worst game You played

    Barbie horse adventures. Damn thing froze on me right before the bonus level
  5. Jerrylik

    The most annoying boss in any video game you've played.

    No one mentioned the 12 bosses of Ny'alotha in WoW Classic? They're really pain in the :red:... At the end of Nov, I started to pass the Ny'alotha raid. I don't know how you can actually go through it on your own. It's very difficult. In the raid, you need to fight 12 bosses and defeat N'zoth...
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