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  1. Arthurwrightus

    PC The Funniest Way to Die in Terraria

    Who hasn't killed themselves by a bomb they forgot they threw?
  2. Arthurwrightus

    What is the dumbest thing you have ever heard someone say?

    I don't hear dumb things because when I'm in public I talk to myself, lick my palms and stare at people. Everyone leaves. #foreveralone
  3. Arthurwrightus

    I'm a weirdo

    ..... what is wrong with you? I think we'll get on just fine.
  4. Arthurwrightus

    I'm a weirdo

    Don't make me challenge you to a weirdo-out. Yea, I'm that weird I've done that before. Maybe. No, that's a lie. Please stop me typing.
  5. Arthurwrightus

    I'm a weirdo

    Waddup all, I'm a weirdo. I play Terraria. I'm essentially everyone on this forum. I study ancient history & the Mafia outside of my work life and Terraria. Yup, I'm weird. Hi. AR
  6. Arthurwrightus

    What is your special talent?

    I have a good nack for ignoring my wife when playing games. I can teach you, but i'd have to charge.:merchantgrin:
  7. Arthurwrightus

    Terraria Xbox 360 Dark Resource recruitment

    I'm not sure of your aim. You want to increase profit over each operation? I mean, good luck and all but...
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