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  1. ObiWanSaveuc

    Hello there!

    Hello there!
  2. ObiWanSaveuc

    Mobile Random crashes on mobile

    Thanks for the report and sorry you are experiencing these crashes! We have been trying to reproduce the issue on our end but haven't had any luck. Can you please confirm the crash is still happening for you?
  3. ObiWanSaveuc

    Mobile Npc behind the border

    Thanks for reporting! Could you please share the world save where you took this last screenshot? That'd be a massive help, thanks!
  4. ObiWanSaveuc

    PS4 Map reset in 1.32 update

    Thanks for reporting this and really sorry you lost your map exploration progress. We're looking into this issue and trying to find a fix!
  5. ObiWanSaveuc

    PS4 boss despawning

    Hello there! :naughty: We have looked into the issue but haven't been able to reproduce it (Moon Lord won't de-spawn unless the player dies). Could you please share some more info to help us tackle the problem? What platform you're playing on? Single or Multiplayer? Journey or Classic? Thanks!
  6. ObiWanSaveuc

    Mobile Armor stand duplication glitch in multiplayer

    Thank you for reporting this! We are addressing this issue
  7. ObiWanSaveuc

    PS4 Game crash during autosave. +Keybinds glitch

    Thanks for reporting this! The crashes you are experiencing, are they on this particular world or on any world? Could you please share your world save data so that we can have a look? You'll find how to on this link: Smartsheet Forms
  8. ObiWanSaveuc

    Mobile PT-BR: Descrição de acessório "Casco Celestial" extra largo.

    Thanks for flagging this! This issue has been addressed 👍
  9. ObiWanSaveuc

    PS4 Explored areas bug

    Thank you for reporting the issue! Does this happen with one world in particular or does this happen in all worlds? If it's only one, could you please share the world save file? You can upload it via the link below:
  10. ObiWanSaveuc

    PS4 actuators

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention! Sorry, I'm not sure I fully understood, could you please elaborate a bit more? Thanks!
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