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    Game crashes instantly when launching

    Could you start up the game with the "-logfile" and "-logerrors" options and then upload the resulting file(s) from Documents/My Games/Terraria/Log? (See how to set launch options in steam at Steam Support :: Setting Game Launch Options)
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    Terraria just keeps crashing randomly like an hour into playing

    screenshot of crash message?
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    **REPORTED** [PS4] Where's My Lava

    Well for one you can still farm liquids, and for two there is rarely ever a need to create large artificial bodies of liquid outside of making small fishing ponds for which you can usually use existing liquid in the world, so its very reasonable to remove a behavior that is more of a bug than a...
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    **REPORTED** [PS4] Where's My Lava

    The classic single bucket + half block "duplication" still works just fine, always did
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    Mobile Mini map rendering error

    This is likely due to the downscaling being linear and sometimes "losing" a row of pixels, you should be able to see the effect when moving up and down.
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    **REPORTED** [PS4] Where's My Lava

    Liquid simulation in Terraria is not volume-preserving and probably never will be because volume preserving simulations are extremely difficult.
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    PC HELP! Terraria crashes whenever I create a character.

    Classic Windows 11 storage restriction issue 👍
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    Crashes when creating character

    Download all your characters and worlds from the cloud
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    PC Transparent old tooltips

    You can in fact do that, and you are also in the wrong part of the forum for this question.
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    Terraria server doesn't work on non-default port

    Maybe your server firewall is blocking the access? If your server is a managed server made for Terraria, it might only have 7777 open by default.
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    Working as Designed Mace glitch

    There are plenty weapons which can fire through solid blocks, as well as ways to make solid blocks let projectiles through one-way, so this is intentional.
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    It appears that my game is corrupted. (I tried everything)

    This is the classic Windows 11 storage restriction being in effect, a fix for which is not really available. There isn't much documentation on this matter, but it seems like starting with Windows 11 programs no longer have access to most of the paths on a computer by default and need to...
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    PC (lost progress) I'm assuming this is a lost cause

    Terraria only saves worlds or characters you specifically send there on the cloud, via the dedicated button in the UI.
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    Mobile I have no clue whats happened but somehow i have managed to spawn a black slime and a moss hornet boss with the golem spawner

    Terraria internally only supports a total of 200 npcs/enemies being active at a time, presumably to put a cap on performance issues. If a new enemy spawns while there are already 200 other enemies alive, it gets spawned into an "overflow" slot, to make programming easier and eliminate edge...
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    magic wand goes through walls (other items don't do this)

    The item spawns with its collision box partially inside the blocks, making it ignore them for collision and moving through freely. This is a game design decision likely done for simplicity, and has grown into being part of its own feature called hoiking.
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    Help me i lost 400+ hours of progress

    Terraria saves the "progress", i.e. characters and worlds, locally on the computer. To cloud sync them properly you need to specifically move a character or world "to the cloud" via the in-game options on the respective selection screen. You can also simply copy over your files from the old to...
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    Sleeping in bed not speeding up time

    The time speedup only starts 2 seconds after you start sleeping, and you also might not notice it immediately if the sun/moon is not visible very well at or close to night. Other than that perhaps post a short video
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    PS5 Cannot pick up Boss Treasure Bags after dropped by player.

    This is not true, the intended mechanics are that only the initial Treasure Bag dropped from a boss is "per player", player-created drops are always visible to all other players. You are right however with the very rare bug of players being able to pick up other players' Bags after a bossfight.
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    **REPORTED** Almost invincible by healing with potions but without cooldown

    I think you are on the wrong website, this isn't r/copypasta
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