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  1. Abrūha

    tModLoader The Evil Mind Mod!

    oh :red: you're still working on it
  2. Abrūha

    tModLoader The Evil Mind Mod!

    sprites look great! definitely looking forward. also, looking for composers? I do be studying music for 12 years :D
  3. Abrūha

    tModLoader Calamity's Vanities

    I'm crying this is beautiful
  4. Abrūha

    [MEDIA] compendium entry :>

    compendium entry :>
  5. Abrūha

    tModLoader Decimation Mod

    Looking for musicians? I'm studying music for 11 years now, could help :>
  6. Abrūha

    tModLoader Academic Mod

    thank you so much my guy ;(
  7. Abrūha

    tModLoader Academic Mod

    This mod adds decorative versions of a spell tome and all 9 vanilla spell books, crafted with a spell tome at a bookcase. Also the guide to plant book thing has a decorative version as well. Included 6 bottle accessories as decorations too. I have much more planned but due to me being a very...
  8. Abrūha

    tModLoader Wildlife Mod

    There are a few B U G S. 1. Animals from this mod are being attacked by minions. 2.Hitting a plant from this mod with a tools hitbox (not the tool itself though), duplicates the plants. Hope this helps you out and these bugs get fixed :) Have a nice day!
  9. Abrūha

    tModLoader The Spirit Mod!

    there was a locked gold chest at the end of the tunnel in the reach biome, i just clicked on it to make sure its really locked and it broke. Can anyone tell me what could have been in the chest, just so i know what i lost. ty
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