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  1. Blood Crawler

    Should I get a 2DS?

    And Terraria isn't that PC-heavy. You can run it even on a PC that is so old, it has a monitor that looks like this:
  2. Blood Crawler

    Humorous Cheese sticks conspiracy theories

    The "fact" that our taste receptors are contolled by the smell is a myth. If you'll try to drink a shampoo for example, you won't recieve the taste of the strawberries at all. It's proably a myth made by perfume companies! To sell more perfume!
  3. Blood Crawler

    Is Andrew Spinks a self-taught programmer?

    I couldn't find any info on the question either, guess we'll just wait for a reply from Andrew himself or from someone who at least knows him.
  4. Blood Crawler

    Terraria Pushes Beyond 30 Million Copies Sold!

    Good job! First i found about terraria just from casually browsing PS Store and my first expirence from the game was the old-gen console edition, it was 1.2 version. And old-gen console tutorial is way different than mobile version tutorial. It even has it's own mini-dungeon.
  5. Blood Crawler

    Item Hoiks! - [Guide + Video] Move & Seperate Drops, Trawl Fallen Stars and More...

    With light disk it doesn't work, it just bounces off the hoik blocks and returns to player. Neither it works with Ball'o'hurt. Grenades stop when you'll try to hoik them. But bouncy grenades sometimes (not always) can go through 1 block below when you try to hoik them. May be useful for making...
  6. Blood Crawler

    The easiest way to defeat the dungeon gurdinan himself

    Or just use good old hoik circle method. I know it's not actually a circle but whatever.
  7. Blood Crawler

    Ask a dragon

    I saw this page on KnowYourMeme long time ago, is it's true?
  8. Blood Crawler

    The 3000th post wins

    we're 1/3rd un our way to see the winner, beware!
  9. Blood Crawler

    Where does the Traveling Merchant go?

    Maybe he travels to Japan? A lot of items that Travelling Merchant sells are Japan-themed such as Sake, Katana, Dynasty Wood.
  10. Blood Crawler

    It's 9 days until Journey's End release

    So, it's 9 days until Journey's End release. What you think will happen to Terraria and Re-Logic after Journey's End?
  11. Blood Crawler

    Rate the jam!

    8/10 sounds good i liek vry much
  12. Blood Crawler

    Fill In the Blank!

    A day without terraria is a day not worth wasting. ____, _____! ____ ____ ____?
  13. Blood Crawler

    Absorb The Non-Issue

    And now you don't I killed ender dragon in terraria
  14. Blood Crawler

    "Terraria is a ripoff of Minecraft" comebacks

    Newer minecraft updates are turning Minecraft into a 3D clone of terraria. Sadly, the progression isn't executed that well - The Wither bossfight is a joke, mansions give very little loot...
  15. Blood Crawler

    Make up a clickbait article name related to the one before you

  16. Blood Crawler

    Casual What's The Weirdest American Difference?

    Agree, there's just so much questionable stuff in the Bible. That's why i don't believe in it. Also i feel this thread belongs way more into "mature discussion" than the "cats vs dogs" thread.
  17. Blood Crawler

    Worst Game You've Played

    Wo ai Beijing Tianmen, Tianmen shang tayang sheng! Wo ai Beijing Tianmen, Tianmen shang tayang sheng! Wo ai Beijing Tianmen, Tianmen shang tayang sheng! Wo ai Beijing Tianmen, Tianmen shang tayang sheng! Wo ai Beijing Tianmen, Tianmen shang tayang sheng! Wo ai Beijing Tianmen, Tianmen shang...
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