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    Advice on replicating this

    Maybe you'd want to instead attach the file and inserting it.
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    Explain a terraria enemy/boss badly

    that was a quick one! yea
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    Explain a terraria enemy/boss badly

    hoppin' jack can be found in the bestiary.
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    Explain a terraria enemy/boss badly

    This enemy is overall colored orange and cannot be found within the bestiary.
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    Explain a terraria enemy/boss badly

    true... I think its either ancient vision or explosive bunny. The wiki mentions neither of them having any special abilities that gets them unlocked as their counterparts get unlocked, but that seem to make a lot of sense to me.
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    Explain a terraria enemy/boss badly

    well, you said that "99% of players have never seen this enemy", but anything that tries to kill them is very likely identified. From a technical aspect a critter is an enemy, so the most likely explanation for an entity that can be logged but not be seen is a critter (since you just need to be...
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    Explain a terraria enemy/boss badly

    a grasshopper? I cant think of any critter smaller or blends better than that.
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    Accesory that Combines all 5 double jump balloons together

    I disagree with the last point. Bundle of balloons is an extremely strong accessory that can absolutely compete and even outperform most early-mid Hardmode wings due to its vastly increased maneuverability, with the tradeoff of duration compared to some other mid-hardmode wings; but unlike...
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    A Magic Weapon That Inflicts the Midas Debuff

    The Midas debuff is rather weak considering how it basically nullifies special bullets and flasks. A magic weapon to inflict Midas would be a nice addition to the game indeed. Here's what I'm thinking of: the spell tome fires a beam of gold dust that smart bounce upon contact with solid blocks...
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    **REPORTED** [PS4] Where's My Lava

    So, this is the design I used; I found it on Youtube by Rare Red it works pretty well from up to the last time I checked in Just put two pumps below and separate them as far as possible. (for the one second timers refer to the video linked above) However, this design has a pretty big...
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    **REPORTED** [PS4] Where's My Lava

    Not gonna lie, in my opinion farming liquids are a lot more fun now. It is not simply just "build a staircase and put a pump on top of it", but instead you'll have to engineer your way to produce liquids, which makes it way more rewarding (speaking from someone who have actually built liquid...
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    **REPORTED** [PS4] Where's My Lava

    yes, but 1.4 has patched a lot of those automatic liquid duping methods
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    **REPORTED** [PS4] Where's My Lava

    It is still possible to duplicate liquids (though liquid duplication in itself is not intended behavior and was already remedied in the 1.4 update), though now its a lot less effective and requires more work. I believe that you could still somewhat duplicate liquids by spreading them out into...
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    New boomerang: Aractaran

    I guess how good this is kind of depends on the use time (which you didn't really mention), but if it is like bananarang then... I could see this being very powerful and viable. It could provide a lot of damage at close range and still not be underpowered at far range with its venom debuff. Good...
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    that doesnt sound too op

    that doesnt sound too op
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    Acorns???? wait what does it do again

    Acorns???? wait what does it do again
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    the upgrades you get have a lot of impact, so its probably rng level 10 upgrades are often...

    the upgrades you get have a lot of impact, so its probably rng level 10 upgrades are often extremely powerful so make sure to prioritize upgrading one at a time really good ones include bubbles, horseshoes, bouncing shell
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    ah ok

    ah ok
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    Turn Plantera into dust in a couple of seconds (Expert) (Ranger)

    Make sure to put down peace candles, campfires, and heart lanterns!! those help out quite a bit And also, in for the worthy you can fill the tunnel with bubbles, living fire blocks, smoke blocks, or anything that counts as a block but don't obstruct movement to avoid the thorns that come out and...
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