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  1. Wyvernil

    PC 1.4.4 Melee changes discussion

    Switching melee weapons over to being "pure" melee might require either enhancing the durability/health of melee characters, or instituting an active defense button. This might be more of an idea for Terraria 2, but the right click could be a "defense" button that lets the player block attacks...
  2. Wyvernil

    RE:Making Endgame Swords Pure Melee

    I wonder if a possible solution might be to have melee armor sets give you extra health capacity, in the same way that magic armor grants extra mana. If melee characters have more health than other classes, then they're able to take a few more hits than other classes, making it less risky for...
  3. Wyvernil

    Something Wicked This Way Comes...

    I wonder if this crossover event is going to add a Survival Mode to the game, like how the DD2 crossover added the tower defense event. 1.4 added a bunch of new food items to the game, plus the ability to sleep in beds, so maybe this mode will add hunger/sanity mechanics where you need to eat...
  4. Wyvernil

    Change obtainment method for some weapons

    These do seem like good ideas. Perhaps, as an additional change, the King Slime could drop the Slime Staff, as a pre-hardmode counterpart to the Queen Slime dropping a summoning weapon.
  5. Wyvernil

    Alternate recipes for clentaminator solution

    Here's an idea for an alternate method of crafting solutions for the Clentaminator: 20 Green Solution + 1 Holy Water = 20 Blue Solution 20 Green Solution + 1 Unholy Water = 20 Purple Solution 20 Green Solution + 1 Blood Water = 20 Red Solution The main purpose of this would be a method of...
  6. Wyvernil

    New uses for Love Potions and Stink Potions - increasing/decreasing happiness.

    Right now, these potions only have a cosmetic effect. But with the addition of NPC happiness, that could be changed. My idea is to have the Love Potion's debuff temporarily improve an NPC's happiness by 5%, while the Stink Potion reduces this by 5% (the effect does not stack). This could be...
  7. Wyvernil

    PC Moon Lord-Tier Whip: Leech Tongue

    I think I'd made a similar suggestion myself, with a tentacle-based whip that drops from Moon Lord and provides life leech. I could get behind this.
  8. Wyvernil

    Grave/Ecto Monolith

    I also agree with the addition of a grave monolith to allow for the spooky, foggy aesthetic without having enemies spawn and having to build your base to be enemy-proof. I was just going to make that suggestion myself, before seeing this thread. Blood moon monoliths are cool, so why not a...
  9. Wyvernil

    PC Summoner Discussion - What could be done to make it more viable?

    With the addition of whips, it might be time to buff the defense on summoner armor to reflect that they're a mid-range class now. Maybe boost it to slightly higher than the ranger, but not quite as tanky as melee. Adding a few accessories to help them out might be good, too. Maybe one that...
  10. Wyvernil

    Anyone else getting disheartened by the Happiness system?

    I'd take out overcrowding penalties, personally (or increase the cap to 7-9 NPCs within 120 blocks). Using pylons for fast travel is already enough incentive to spread out your bases. This way, you could still put all of your NPCs together as long as you give them discrete "houses" rather than...
  11. Wyvernil

    PC Balancing The Flying Dutchman mount

    Maybe things could be set so that the Flying Dutchman only drops Black Spots after Plantera is defeated. That might help the progression issues.
  12. Wyvernil

    A few new whips to flesh out the weapon type. Spinal Tap and Cosmic Horror.

    Also tacking on a simple solution to the lack of summoner armor before Queen Bee: Magic Turban Defense: 2 Bonus: 15% increased minion damage Set Bonus(with any robes compatable with Magic Hat or Wizard Hat): +1 minion capacity Either it could drop from chests in the underground desert, or the...
  13. Wyvernil

    PC The whips go against the principles of the summoner

    The simplest solution might be to buff the defense on summoner armor to reflect the new meta. With the introduction of whips, summoners would now be a mid-range class. They wouldn't be as tanky as melee, of course, but since they'd want to be a bit closer to the enemy they'd be able to take more...
  14. Wyvernil

    A few new whips to flesh out the weapon type. Spinal Tap and Cosmic Horror.

    Whips are an interesting concept, but could use a couple more weapons to fill out the progression. Here's some ideas. Spinal Tap (A bone whip that resembles a spine) Found in pre-hardmode Dungeon. Damage: 25 Summon Tag Damage: 5 This provides more damage and knockback than the Snapthorn, but...
  15. Wyvernil

    Golfing is nice.. but can we get a kilt for it?

    Well, we already have the tam o' shanter, so why not a full Scottish set? You could even include a tartan jacket vanity and a bagpipe instrument to complete the ensemble.
  16. Wyvernil

    Ninja NPC

    I had my own idea for a Ninja NPC. Maybe she (let's make it a female ninja to add another female NPC to the game) could be a quest-based NPC like the angler, only she assigns assassination missions where you have to track down and take out unique ninja mini-bosses. The rewards could be...
  17. Wyvernil

    Will Terraria Player Suggestions Die After 1.4?

    They said that 1.3 would be the last major update too, so I wouldn't be sure. Though maybe the reasons for 1.4 relate to 1.3.6 growing so big, and the plans for Otherworld falling through.
  18. Wyvernil

    The Guide in Hardmode

    I'd guess it's so you can resummon the wall of flesh for additional drops. After all, it's annoying when you're a mage class and it keeps dropping warrior emblems. Wouldn't want it to be a one-time boss.
  19. Wyvernil

    MK II : what weapon would you like to see improved ?

    Perhaps an endgame version of the Phaseblade/Phasesaber. The Martian invasion could drop power cells that allow you to make a Dual Phasesaber with an alt-fire option that lets you throw it like a boomerang. Also agree on an endgame version of the Arkhalis or Fetid Baghnakhs. Basically a...
  20. Wyvernil

    Corruption/Crimson/Hallow detector/finder/ dryad leads you too it?

    Some kind of corruption/crimson/hallow detector would be a good idea. I'd guess it would either be an informational item like the metal detector that informs you of the presence of corruption, or something that lights up corrupted squares like the dangersense or hunter potions do for traps and...
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