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  1. MikePotato

    PC More Yoyos Mod: v1.1

  2. MikePotato

    PC Randomized Activations

    Wha-wow that's actually very clever, damn smart people out there
  3. MikePotato

    PC Randomized Activations

    Alright that's cool, but an explanation of what does what can come in handy Thanks, but i'm really looking forward to a 3 out of 4 acts ,that's a 4/8 or half of the possible acts, still thanks tho ,might come in handy for other stuff :)
  4. MikePotato

    PC Randomized Activations

    Also is there any traps that doesn't pass through players,or anything?
  5. MikePotato

    PC Randomized Activations

    Hello,i am Mike. Here,in this thread,i have a problem i want to discuss about. Please do help me. Thank You Very Diddly Much ~ Just as the title says,Randomized Activations, But this isn't just some 50 50 chance, What i want is a 100% chance of 3 activations out of 4. So like,i have 4 lamps,i...
  6. MikePotato

    Having fun in Aurora server

    Having fun in Aurora server
  7. MikePotato

    Adventure The Closet

    Add more screenshots
  8. MikePotato

    tModLoader Max Stack Plus Extra

    Finally ,i can stack 9999 ducks
  9. MikePotato

    Corruption / Crimson & Hallowed biome

    First of all ,this is something that i found kinda annoying and i wanted to talk about it in the forums, and hear opinions from all of you. Terraria is a fantastic Sandbox game where the goal is to Beat Bosses and progress, in other words, have fun . Since 2011 till now, Terraria still stand...
  10. MikePotato

    Learning how to code mods in Terraria...

    Learning how to code mods in Terraria...
  11. MikePotato

    PC What's wrong?

    I don't understand how does this function ,also why does those green AND Gates only have 1 lamp on each AND Gates? If you can,please explain,i appreciate it,thx. (Yes ,i tried that ,and a small icon of a
  12. MikePotato

    PC What's wrong?

    (This is my first thread post in the T-MEC social group thingy) (Please note that i used links cuz' Image won't show) So i was bored,and i decided to build a casino where if you lose the gamble,you die. Yes,that's how the casino look like. Before i...
  13. MikePotato

    PC Pleased to meet all of you.

    Hello, my name is Mike (Yes ,just Mike) I'd describe myself as a total noob when it comes to Terraria But i believe i am pretty good ,well ... Amateur i guess at Wiring and stuff related I'd like to enjoy my time here with the Community :)
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