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  1. Pig0

    Switch Princess won’t spawn

    Are you sure you have an empty house? Do you actually have all the NPC's? If all else fails just post this as a bug on the console bug report forum.
  2. Pig0

    Switch Unable to place food on plate

    I had this same problem since playing the game for the first time in January this year.
  3. Pig0

    Working as Designed [Switch] Where is the happiness button?

    The happiness button has disappeared from the NPC dialogue menu in the secret seeds. The only secret seeds I tried since the update are the 'getfixedboi' seed and the 'dontdigup' seed. Edit: The button seems to be there in every normal world
  4. Pig0

    Ahh, I see you are a man of culture as well. You have Newton from LittleBigPlanet 3 as your...

    Ahh, I see you are a man of culture as well. You have Newton from LittleBigPlanet 3 as your profile picture. I always loved that guy!
  5. Pig0

    Switch Windy day not triggering

  6. Pig0

    Moon Globe

    It could be a Moon Lord drop.
  7. Pig0

    Moon Globe

    There should be an item which changes your moon style, very much like the World Globe and Tree Globe.
  8. Pig0

    Switch Windy day not triggering

    Sadly this is unfixable in normal modes.
  9. Pig0

    Here is the pig

    Here is the pig
  10. Pig0

    Switch witch is rarer

    I personaly don't think that paladins are that hard (even though I'm in master mode). I find randomly while going through the dungeon, defeat it with a good ranged weapon.
  11. Pig0

    Switch What is your favorite (and least favorite) boss in terraria

    My favorite has to be either the Brain of Cthulhu or Duke Fishron. Both are very cool bosses (Duke is a pig, and pigs are my favorite animal), but if I had to pick one, I'd choose the brain. The Crimson is my favorite biome! My least favorite mini-boss is the Ice Queen. She's just a little...
  12. Pig0

    Switch witch is rarer

    Master ninja gear can be a pain to get. First you have to defeat Bone Lee a few times. If your world doesn't have climbing claws, then you have to fish for a long time.
  13. Pig0

    Switch Favorite event in the game

    Solar Eclipse. I think its pretty cool to have a whole day with unique monsters coming at you, and having a dark sun.
  14. Pig0

    Terraria Turns Eleven - Town Slimes Are Coming to Celebrate the Occasion!

    Purple. Orange and old grey look good too!
  15. Pig0

    Switch Wind speed error

    Other people and I have the same glitch!
  16. Pig0

    Resolved Crimson/ Corruption patches randomly appear in world

    This might not be a glitch. When you destroy Demon/Crimson Altars then there is a chance that a small patch of evil biome will be spreaded to somewhere on your world.
  17. Pig0

    Switch Eyebrella Sleep Bug If you are wearing the Eyebrella vanity item and you go to bed, the rain cloud above you will glitch.
  18. Pig0

    Switch Windy day not triggering

    I never use the spinal tap, but I probably have the bug too.
  19. Pig0

    Looks great!

    Looks great!
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