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  1. Tamorr

    Terraria State of the Game - August 2022

    Nice...the update coming along. Love the Slime T-shirt. Might have to keep watch to see what else shows up. :dryadgrin:
  2. Tamorr

    Terraria: Journey's End Now Available on Nintendo Switch!

    Yay, now I can finally play the game on my breaks at work... :dryadcry: is the zooligist in this version or is that later version? I don't recall when she came about.
  3. Tamorr

    Official Behind the scenes of Journey's End - A Q&A with the Programmers and Artists of Terraria

    Thank you for such a lovely game; Definitely awaiting the switch port of the latest, but have at least dabbed a little into the new mode on PC. Love the freedom and more sandboxy feel of it. Questions: 1. What was the hardest design choice of the new mode? 2. What inspired the way the new...
  4. Tamorr

    Mythical Beasts & Where to Farm Them: Exploring Terraria's Bestiary

    Exciting.... Another lovely checklist to be had. Always loved it when a game had a beatipedia of sorts; adds a nice touch. Miss my pet slime already. This might take a while. Wonder though if all the mobs will have banners now.... or do they already.... hmm... Well continuing to look forward...
  5. Tamorr

    With Great Power Comes Great Accessibility - Introducing Terraria's New Journey Mode

    This alone would get me to play more... Gotta add it into my rotation of games I play. Love the concept, as this is for the most part what I like seeing as a builder. Options are always welcome, and by golly there are a lot of them. Like the fact it makes collecting the items in question in...
  6. Tamorr

    Expand Your Terraria Empire - Pylons, Town Building, and NPC Happiness

    Intriguing bit o' update... Now my buildings will mean something to the NPCs. To me this adds a bit to the way I tend to build across the world anyway. I like building in quite a few biomes, and having the town mechanic will help with my corruption and jungle expansions. The pylons would simply...
  7. Tamorr

    Terraria: Journey's End Vanity Contest Winners!

    Really good entries, but means might be able to rule the slimes in style. Loved the Slime Queen design. I probably wouldn't use any beyond the ronin hat; but that is ok. I am looking forward to see what other things the devs came up with. All were interesting designs it was hard to choose beyond...
  8. Tamorr

    Journey's End Vanity Contest - Finalists & Voting Instructions

    That was quite a tricky choosing, so many good concepts. Thank you for letting us vote and Thank you for being such a lovely community. :dryadhappy:
  9. Tamorr

    Terraria Launch on Switch - Retail Release

    Nice... I am finally able to get it. Thank you for the update. :dryadhappy:
  10. Tamorr

    Terraria Launch on Nintendo Switch

    This is great news... Think I'll wait for a physical release, the prime reason I enjoy the switch. Patience is a virtue. :dryadhappy:
  11. Tamorr

    1.3.6 Preview: Block Swap

    That will be quite helpful... Lovely improvement. :dryadhappy:
  12. Tamorr

    One Terraria: An Introduction & Future Impacts

    Hmmm... Mixed feelings on that. Of course the only thing that comes to mind missing is the slime pet. The slime staff one is not really what I call cute... I like the fact it looked quite like the enemies that hop around... And that it was a non-combatant; just a passive companion. Oh well...
  13. Tamorr

    Keyboard + Mouse or Controller?

    Depends on what I am doing within the game, and where I am playing it. Console would be obvious. Since I have not gotten around to getting it for the x1 yet... PC I use the controller to get around, but not against using the keyboard. I started on console, so that is the reason for using a...
  14. Tamorr

    When You Create A New Character, What Is Your Appraoch?

    Yeah I even have a home world, but it is one of my original worlds before 1.3. Can't transfer it from console, so I have one one the PC as well. I currently don't have access to my worlds on the 360. Haven't gotten around to getting the game on the new gen yet. So I play on the PC for now. I...
  15. Tamorr

    When You Create A New Character, What Is Your Appraoch?

    Depends on the goal, idea, or purpose of making a new world and/or character. I don't really do the class builds so most of my worlds I create for specific characters in mind. Personality, if you will. From there I go with the flow. I do keep a harvesting world or two that any of my characters...
  16. Tamorr

    Online vs Physical Guides?

    I prefer books more due to the same reasons mentioned of tabbing or switching windows. That and I love to read & write. So in a way jotting down my own findings and organizing them seems to work for me. I think the only thing I ever used the wiki for was what certain building materials look...
  17. Tamorr

    PC What is your favorite event, and why?

    Goblin Army. It was the most entertaining, that and they are goblins.
  18. Tamorr

    PC Is expert mode a mountain to climb, or a medal to wear?

    Since I am more enticed by the builder aspect, neither of those are what expert mode is to me. I guess mountain would be the closest thing, but really it is more that I see loot, like the dev drops from those bags as a nice little reward for getting through it. I am one to play in normal mode...
  19. Tamorr

    Mobile Can't find the lizard temple...

    Still looks like you have areas to explore. The jungle is massive. Sometimes though it may end up at the edge of the jungle, so keep that in mind. Even close to hell at times. So all I can say is keep searching. :dryadtongue:
  20. Tamorr

    Discussion: You as an NPC

    Aylia the Lumberjack (Alternate names; Tamorr, Syra, Drexle, Misty, Loren) Requires: Dryad & Gunsmith, 99 saplings in inventory; possibly after hardmode initiated --Default attack if not hardmode is chakram attack towards target. Attack: Something like the demon sickle effect with lower damage...
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