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    **REPORTED** Golden toilet cant produce Poo after eating

    Eat food and sitting on Golden toilet but cant see POO drop after 3-5 mins. and go to Glass toilet or other toilet is ok. see Poo on ground.
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    Resolved 'Get Fixed Boi' seed dont see dungeon with Green brick?

    on PC. Steam after create more than 30 worlds: 'Get Fixed Boi' world seed with medium size & master mode. i checked from 29/9 to 02/10 and dont see Green Brick Dungeon. always spawn Blue or Pink brick dungeon. i dont known its a bug or not. maybe Green brick dungeon have very very small chance...
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    Working as Designed player can through solid block piece after jumping to Shimmer liquid

    after defeat Moon Lord. and craft Bottomless Shimmer Bucket for a hole Shimmer liquid... and jump to... note: i playing old world medium core character. master world
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    can buff Shrimpy Truffle while stay below cloud rain block

    i knowns shrimpy Truffle can get buff while touch water/ liquid. like water drop from raining, bucket water/ but while stay below cloud rain block. i think this mount can get buff?
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    Resolved Torch dont turn off during rain The Constant seed 1.4.3

    i see only camprire (normal type) turn off and nothing happen with torch in image: - JUNGLE TREE:1 torch (normal type) - PLATFORM: 1 torch (normal type) + 1 white torch + 1 campfire
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    Slime flying mount.

    Replace for Cute Fishron. :dryadtongue:. Flying animation:
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    How banner texture work between two texture pack?

    Hi everybody. today i mod banner from file Tiles_91.png and have problem: texture pack A: mod banner file: Tiles_91.png with Wyvern enemy. (place on top of texture pack list) texture pack B: _______________________________ goblin enemy (place on bottom of texture pack list) and play game. i...
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    Mythical Wyvern

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    Simply health & mana style

    First texture pack i made, hope everyone like it :D only bar and classical style. start player 100 HP end game player 500 HP
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    Working as Designed Moonglow Seeds can growing on Deathweed Planter Box

    wiki: Moonglow Seeds -> only grow on empty Clay Pots, Moonglow Planter Boxes or Jungle grass update: Deathweed seed can growing on Moonglow planter box
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    World generator oasis & dungeon

    1: oasis: i want sand will replace dirt like image: 2: dungeon:
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    Working as Designed creating world: jungle overlap ice biome...

    hi devs. today i create many world and detect some problem: 1. The_Withered_Quagmire.wld: jungle ice & dungeon desert 2. The_Apogee_of_Isolation.wld: temple bottom hope fix as soon. thanks for great game.
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