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  1. Lythael

    The Passing of an Icon: Leinfors

    Damn.. I know it's not my business but i am genuinely curious what happened.
  2. Lythael

    Terraria State of the Game - November 2022

    also where is the December SOTG ? :P
  3. Lythael

    Terraria: Labor of Love is Out Now!

    What was the tiny patch that launched shortly after after the today's hotfix about?
  4. Lythael

    Terraria: Labor of Love is Out Now!

    I see a lot of stinky weapon nerfs in this update..
  5. Lythael

    **REPORTED** Sitting NPC spasm visual bug

    I think there is more to it than it happening off screen. Had a Skeleton merchant do that too he was standing near me in a pool of water in cave and he was spazzing out both his sprite looked like vibrating fusion of two Skeleton merchants and his icon on map was in 2 places at once. Sadly i...
  6. Lythael

    Working as Designed Potential Bug with drills

    Yep sadly this means drills are still completely useless and vastly inferior to pickaxes since picks benefit from things like sugar rush , chisel , mining potions while drills do not :( even without reforging picks dominate over drills.
  7. Lythael

    **REPORTED** Flasks visuals not working for whips(

    Hopefuly it will be fixed :P It is not a major issue but it would be nice if whips also had the Flask razzle dazzle visual effects working.
  8. Lythael

    Queen Bee boss won't spawn.

    I again had this happen today for me but with the larva not with the Abeemenation. I shot the larva it broke and nothing happened no Qeen Bee anywhere.
  9. Lythael

    Queen Bee boss won't spawn.

    Can confirm when i was farming Queen Bee one of 12 of my abeemenations misfired and was consumed without spawning Queen Bee.
  10. Lythael

    **REPORTED** Aether biome visual effect broken in screenshots and snapshots

    On side note there is a sister issue to this: It also breaks ingame when switching between Lighting modes. Even switching back to Color doesn't fix it (It's black and lacks any stars / effects) Restarting wrold resolves it
  11. Lythael

    **REPORTED** Game time setting it to night whenever the day arrives.

    I mean we still might. It all depends.
  12. Lythael

    **REPORTED** Flasks visuals not working for whips(

    Unlike melee weapons the visual effects of flasks don't render on whips. One user pointed out that it used to work before (they did render) i don't remember 100% if they did or not. However this does sound like an oversight that they don't render on them. Tested on default "Color" lighting.
  13. Lythael

    **REPORTED** Flasks visuals not working for whips(

    Oh i misunderstood i thought you meant on enemy hit. Yea weird there is no visual effect on the whip itself. I don't remember if it had it before or not but sounds like it needs a bug report on its own. EDIT: Made a bug report about it...
  14. Lythael

    **REPORTED** Flasks visuals not working for whips(

    I did see the slight very subtle glow from Ichor flask at least when using a whip but yea important that they work :p
  15. Lythael

    **REPORTED** Flasks visuals not working for whips(

    They work fine on my end. Tested it on Leather Whip , Kaleidoscope , Dark Harvest Used Flask of Cursed flames , Flask of Ichor , Flask of Party In all of these tests flask effects were correctly applied from a whip. What Whips and which flasks did you try?
  16. Lythael

    Working as Designed NPCs can sit in the same chair as other NPCs

    It's janky as heck i seen 2 NPCs sit in same chair AT SAME TIME. Their sprites looked like they merged into one. This happened quite few times recently in my new world. (Was thinking of making a bug report but i see someone beat me to it) Really that is intented to work like this? Are you sure...
  17. Lythael

    **REPORTED** Vile Spit unable to be destroyed

    Intended change for the FTW only or for regular Expert/MM worlds too?
  18. Lythael

    Terraria: Labor of Love is Out Now!

    Ah ok if you also noticed things are off and follow up on it then it's no need for me to make a bug report. Just wasn't sure if things are working properly.
  19. Lythael

    Terraria: Labor of Love is Out Now!

    Is this working as intented? Cause there are a lot of zombie spawning during Deerclops fight (no blood moon , graveyard , C/C or anything like that , just regular blizzard night in the snow biome). Not sure if i should file a bug report or not.
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