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  1. Byrocynical

    Official Labor of Hallow's Eve Winner Announcement

    man, those builds are something fierce, i can totally respect their dedication! i thought my build was pretty good but those builds are something else :passionate::passionate: goodbye, cultist hoodie... maybe next contest!
  2. Byrocynical

    Official The Labor of Hallow's Eve

    cant wait to join this! i'll have to think of something to build...
  3. Byrocynical

    tModLoader Unusacies' Battle Rods Mod - Use special fishing rods as weapons!

    such a cool mod, and its still being updated after all these years! would 100% recommend using this mod in every playthrough, even if you're not using the class, the utility of the fishing rods actually makes fishing fun! :)
  4. Byrocynical

    Terraria State of the Game - May 2021

    OH MY STARS IM ONE OF THE WINNERS? THANK YOU SO MUCH <3 <3 <3 (i built the one with the eye of cthulu cake!)
  5. Byrocynical

    10th Anniversary Very Terrarian Birthday Contest Entry Thread

    oh boy, is this the first entry on the fourms? thats pretty nerve wracking... ahem, anyway! im not much of a builder but i decided to build a nice birthday scene that features every boss from the game :), see if you can spot every one!
  6. Byrocynical

    Terraria State of the Game - July 2020

    aww, they went for the snake tail instead of the legs, oh well, still a nice costume!
  7. Byrocynical

    PC A tweak to pumpkin armor, the solution to a lack of pre-hardmode summoner gear

    considering (ideally) the pumpkin tank would do more damage than finch staff/slime staff, it would make those two obsolete if they were in the same class, thats the reason i decided to make them post EoW, the pumpkin tank would be between the tiers of early game and pre-queen bee ideally, just...
  8. Byrocynical

    PC A tweak to pumpkin armor, the solution to a lack of pre-hardmode summoner gear

    I believe these tweaks would fill the gap that many players yearn to be filled, as summoners currently only have 1 armor set, the lowest of any armor sets pre-hardmode. "pumpkins are only available during Halloween!" nope, the dryad sells them, so this set would be post-eye of Cthulhu...
  9. Byrocynical

    There & Back Again: A Summary of Journey's End

    love the pre-hardmode hallowed crate, great for people who get OCD about that sort of thing
  10. Byrocynical

    pog champ

    pog champ
  11. Byrocynical

    FORE-RRARIA! Hitting the Links with Terraria Golf

    "hah, who would get excited over golf" i think to myself, scrolling through this post, then i see lawnmowing, and get hyped over lawn mowing.
  12. Byrocynical

    Mythical Beasts & Where to Farm Them: Exploring Terraria's Bestiary

    the beastiary is great and all but NEW MOBS ASWELL!! turtles, torch holding zombies, antlion larva?? journeys end is going to be something else!
  13. Byrocynical

    What was Old is Made New Again: Revisting the Terraria Experience

    i cant believe theres an actual jojo reference in terraria now, thats amazing
  14. Byrocynical

    Journey's End Vanity Contest Submission Thread

    This is like a dream come true, i never thought there'd be a chance for this! this might not be as pretty or good looking as the others, but i made this myself. this is BrassNut, my character that i made for D&D, he was a warforged furnace that went on a pilgrimage to become more than "just a...
  15. Byrocynical

    Justice for the Skeleton Merchant! (Skeleton merchant vanity)

    This'll be a short n' sweet thread, but i think its important nonetheless, i think the skeleton merchant should have his own vanity set much like every other NPC, he's a skeleton, that's perfect for Halloween, right? he could probably sell his own set much like most the other NPCs do, possibly...
  16. Byrocynical

    PC The Large Javelin (Flying accessory)

    Hey, i was thinking of a new item that could be unique, something that's not in the game already and something that people could benefit from greatly. My suggestion is : The Large Javelin! i was looking at the Mini Minotaur pet and i thought "hmm, wouldn't it be cool if the player could do...
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