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  1. FlyingAnanab

    Bone Blocks researchable despite being unobtainable

    All unobtainable items are unresearchable except for bone blocks. You can still research them, and this makes a 100% complete journey mode character completely impossible without cheating. You can technically get them legitimately by using tmodloader, because bone blocks were obtainable in...
  2. FlyingAnanab

    Exact angler spawn mechanics?

    Hey, i've recently been playing a skyblock map for terraria and i'm trying to get an angler to spawn. I went to the left of the world until the background changed, and made a large pool of water. I've been walking back and forth to spawn new enemies there over and over (with journey mode 10x...
  3. FlyingAnanab

    tModLoader Official tModLoader Help Thread

    Hello, i've recently been getting really bad framerate on modded multiplayer terraria and i have no idea why. I was doing fine, and then i played using fargo's soul mod and my fps was really bad during boss fights, only on multiplayer. Even after disabling the mod i continued to get bad frames...
  4. FlyingAnanab

    damn shawty ok

    damn shawty ok
  5. FlyingAnanab

    tModLoader World file randomly not saving

    I started a new playthrough with my friend using theses mods: I started, built 8 houses, then realized omniswing was disabled, so i relogged. Then we went and killed the Desert Scourge, King Slime, and EOC, in that order, before leaving for the night. The next day, i log on and build 8 more...
  6. FlyingAnanab

    Working as Designed Zenith - Dual monitor

    Pretty sure its working as intended
  7. FlyingAnanab

    **REPORTED** Blood rain bow not dealing crits

    I was fighting skeletron with a journey mode character today and realized that despite having very high crit chance (most of my accesories were reforged to lucky) i did not land a single crit. I was using: Full Fossil armor unreal blood rain bow (42% crit chance) hellfire arrows (37% crit)...
  8. FlyingAnanab

    **REPORTED** Weird fullscreen

    Im having an issue with fullscreen. When i go fullscreen through the options menu, terraria places the game in the top left corner at my selected windowed resolution, and the rest is pure black. When i go fullscreen through the fullscreen button on the top bar, it stays in the middle but is...
  9. FlyingAnanab

    Looking for old calamity mod sprites

    I have recently taken quite an interest into seeing old sprites of calamity mod items. I found a thing called "Scrap Saturday" (something some guy used to post on r/calamity) and from there I found a Google Doc with old boss and enemy sprites at the bottom. However this did not include old item...
  10. FlyingAnanab

    Issue with Mod Browser

    Hello, I am trying to play Modded Terraria with a friend. I haven't played terraria in a while, so I didn't have all of my mods up to date. When I clicked the "Update all" button, it started to try to update thorium mod and the progress bar didnt move at all. Is there something wrong with the...
  11. FlyingAnanab

    Issue with Fargo's Soul mod lag

    I'm currently playing fargo's soul mod in masochist mode with my friend. I have found an issue where some projectiles will heavily lag my game (down to 1 fps). This makes it literally unplayable and I want fix it so I can use more items. For example, the agitating lens makes demon scythes...
  12. FlyingAnanab

    Terraria 1.3 Infinite Water

    I tried this in 1.3.5 modded, it didn't fill the reservoir but it made a water source that i could pull out with buckets and wouldn't disappear. Does anyone know why?
  13. FlyingAnanab

    Thanks man!

    Thanks man!
  14. FlyingAnanab CC entry!!! (its a discord link bc i couldnt figure out any other way to put the image in the post)
  15. FlyingAnanab

    Sprites The Underground Sea

    Cool! I will say though, it's kinda a copy of the already-existing aquatic depths from the thorium mod. still would be nice if they expanded ocean though.
  16. FlyingAnanab

    [Sprites] Bee Expansion

    ok didnt know
  17. FlyingAnanab

    [Sprites] Bee Expansion

    maybe change royal jelly to royal honey? makes a lot more sense in my opinion.
  18. FlyingAnanab

    Sprites Shooting Star (Alternate Meteorite)

    starmites seem a little overpowered. Mabye make the shooting star a hardmode meteoritre?
  19. FlyingAnanab

    Animal Balloons useable in Bundle of balloons

    At this point, I think I'll stop trying to defend my point, 'cuz a) I don't think you're getting it, and/or b) it's getting a bit repetitive for me to argue back and forth... yea, we probably should stop this is getting nowhere
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