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    Terraria Graphic Novel Series Revealed!

    It's not literally a manga so probably not.
  2. ScrumbleBump

    Terraria State of the Game - February 2021

    I love the look of the pewdiepie terraria merch but i just wish there was a shirt with the default moonlord with that same style! I don't have anything against pewdiepie but i just like the look of the moonlord.
  3. ScrumbleBump

    Mobile Terraria does not work on pixel 3a (Android 10)

    When I try to open the game on my (new) Google pixel, it opens for a half second , but closes again. It still runs in the background but every time I try to enter back in, it kicks me out again. It doesn't even get to the title screen. I have tried sending an email to the email address provided...
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