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    scrolling text on a programmable text board

    I remember trying to do this and then giving up, so congratulations for pulling it off!
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    Ideal Engine

    For an activation every 30 ticks, wouldn't that be a looping hoik track with 30 teeth, and one pressure plate somewhere on the track?
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    [Challenge/Prodject] Can we make a boss fight?

    Maybe this could be useful? I was working on a simplified Undertale-style "bullet hell" arena, but I was too busy in real life to have bothered completing it. The key concept is using actuated sand. A player standing in sand blocks takes damage. A player standing in actuated sand blocks does...
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    PC How to switch binary to decimal

    To start somewhere, have a look at this thread: Also, Dicemanx made a video back in 2015. It is out of date and pre-1.3.1, but try visiting the world download to see how...
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    [Showcase] Cyclic memory and scrolling text

    Using the compact version, could the whole thing be completely tileable (minus whatever's on the edges, like the timer, etc.)?
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    PC AFK Pinky Farming?

    I'm not sure I understand: What is it that renders teleporters unideal? Seeing as they can -separate regular enemies (who can be teleported) and bosses (who cannot), -instantly bring enemies from a spawn surface as big as the entire valid spawn surface to a kill area (Via a giant floor made of...
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    Video: While fixing and compressing my previous display machine, I decided that displaying many images in rapid sequence might be as useful as selecting images to load. It only took a bit of messing the the input mechanism, and I had made a simple animation, given the limits of a monochrome...
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    PERFECT 3x5 (4xN) pixel display!

    Your compact, worthy of the term perfect, 4xN display has solved a riddle I've been working on for a long time. A great realization in screen compactness has been brought about thanks to you: A torch, gemspark block, or any 2-state mechanism may be covered by multiple wires but still remain...
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    PC [Showcase] Prototype: Displayable Character set

    I could have waited. I could have taken the time to put my clean-up plans into action. I could have brought a fantastic, clean and working device that is easily replicable for everyone on T-MEC, instead of this mess of confounding, miraculously functional wires. But who has the time or patience...
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    PC Serializing data - save wire, space and nerves

    Thanks for the previous answers; I'm back again to annoy you ('you' includes anyone who understands this). I have my 32-bit signal which I would like to place through a transistor (to return either the input signal or no pulse); can I do this on a single wire without ruining it for the...
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    Fully manipulable (And expandable) 5x5 Display

    I've also been working on a display sort of thing (see my post here), and while we're talking displays, here is my current dot matrix display. It is expandable horizontally, and is, as I see it, a 1D screen extended into the second dimension by coloured wires and taking advantage of both the top...
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    PC Serializing data - save wire, space and nerves

    I was very pleased to find that changing the colour arrangement will not break the telegraph. Seeing as everything happens within a tick, was I wrong to assume it would? What you've made here is brilliant, I never could made this much-needed mechanism myself. Thanks to you, I can send a 32-bit...
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    PC Let's Make Some Hard Drives!

    Yes, and thank you! What you have made is amazing. This will make transmissions much smoother. My own designs are not working well, so if I showcase the final product, you will have your place in the credits.
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    PC Let's Make Some Hard Drives!

    We now have readable memory! You guys are amazing. This might not be the best thread to post in. I'm posting this anyway. Now: screens and displays! It would be amazing if we could store a register of characters (end goal, copy 0-127 of unicode?) and map them onto a screen using some sort of...
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    Official Get Wired For Terraria 1.3.1: Calling All Terrarian Mechanics!

    I'm a bit late here, although I'll go ahead and share this anyway; A silver wrench is a great idea. Here's my variation of it: Keep the wire and wrench colours simple (one for each team colour feels right), but add an upgraded version of the coloured wrenches. I'm calling it a '<colour>...
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