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    Xbox One Can anyone help me

    I can help my Xbox account is Leonardo756
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    Xbox One Neko's, little shop front

    I actually really don't think so, he only used this for 6 days like 6 months ago at least
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    Xbox One anything that can increase my minion summons

    I'm also willing to help you with anything so I can get the items I'd like
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    Xbox One Anyone new wanna team up

    You must have a little experience with the game at least
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    Xbox One New Character and New World!

    I'd like to play, I beat the whole game four years ago on mobile and started up again a few days ago on Xbox one, so I can say I'm pretty experienced
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    Xbox One Anyone wanna start new?

    I'd like to start new
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    Xbox One Just started world. Need players

    Invite me, it's Leonardo756
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    Xbox One Give me ideas so I can host them

    I'll do events, trades, anything, I'll try to make the server
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    Xbox One Giveaway 12000 Platinum Coins

    Do I win for being the only one? If the offer is still on
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    Xbox One Need to find tiger claws and Tabi!!!

    Still need the climbing gear
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    Xbox One Items Wanted: Xbox One

    I'll give you fish
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    Xbox One Looking for some stuff

    I have a slime statue, and depth meter, I want to trade for it no money
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    Xbox One Really need Heart statues

    DO you still need any?
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    Xbox One Buy Mysterious Cape, make a price.

    It's Leonardo756 and I'd like to trade, no money
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    Xbox One Buying someones services for 999 platinum

    You sound like a really nice person from all those messages I've been seeing you say, I'd like to see those skills in action or your main world
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    Xbox One WTB Dungeon Chandelier (Blue, Pink and Green)

    I have at least 5 of those shark statues, I found them really easily in less than a week, so does anyone need some, I'm able to trade for them
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    Xbox One Buying Slime Statue, Raven Staff

    Still need any of those?
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