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    PS4 Multiplayer Map Reveal Reset Upon Exit - Only Person Joining (Happens on Switch as well)

    This is still happening for me on PS4, and I am hosting the world
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    PS4 Map resetting

    Sorry it took me a while I forgot I made this, but yes it is the same player that I started the world with that is losing the map data, and I am still having the map reset issue on a new world I made.
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    PS4 Map Reset

    It’s happened to me on single and multiplayer. It’s happening to me on a multiplayer world rn that I just created. So it’s Multilpayer, large World, expert mode, corruption, ps4. I don’t really know what else to send except that. I thought it might’ve been that my data might be corrupted but if...
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    PS4 Map resetting

    Hello, I am enjoying 1.4 so far. Recently however, I made a new world to start playing on and every now and then my map resets. Sometimes it’s after I leave the world and join back the map has reset, and other times, I can leave and join back a couple times and my map won’t reset, but after a...
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