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  1. Full Metal Kirby

    **REPORTED** "Don't Dig Up" Seed: Hallow Strip generates too far out, Hallowing worlds outermost three layers of blocks

    Playing on the Don't Dig Up seed (large world size), on defeating the Wall of Flesh and causing the strip of Hallow to generate, the strip generates too far towards the worlds edge (either side), changing the outermost three blocks (except the very outermost) to pearlstone/pearlsand/etc. This...
  2. Full Metal Kirby

    PC Grand Design right click to show radial menu occasionally bugs out

    You had smart cursor on, which is toggled by pressing Ctrl (by default). Smart Cursor, among other things, selects the closest thing you can interact with, even if you're not directly clicking on it. Since both interacting and opening the radial menu are bound to the same button, one ends up...
  3. Full Metal Kirby

    PC "Local Damage" Summon Bug

    AI and animating still happen, but apparently localNPCHitCooldown won't decrease if there's no valid target, at least for Ravens. I had assumed it was a more noteworthy issue that would (potentially) decrease DPS on fast-moving bosses where the summons maintained the i-frame counter for longer...
  4. Full Metal Kirby

    PC "Local Damage" Summon Bug

    Yes, I wouldn't expect it to be updated by NPCs dying/spawning because it would increase how fast summons hit. I would, however, expect it to update over time when not in contact with an NPC, which is currently not the case.
  5. Full Metal Kirby

    PC "Local Damage" Summon Bug

    Once a summon (with "local damage cooldown") damages a monster, the timer that counts down until its next damage tick only counts down if it's in contact with a monster (or actively targeting, I would assume). You can build a setup like the attached image (ignore the trap), which gives the...
  6. Full Metal Kirby

    Journey's End 1.4.4: Balance Feedback and Discussion Thread

    From a rough bit of testing in endgame gear, assuming all shots hit: Betsy's Wrath: ~2.5k DPS average Razorpine: ~3k DPS average Nebula Blaze: ~2.3k DPS average Given that Betsy's Wrath is heavily affected by gravity making it fairly hard to hit all/any shots, and the latter is a homing pillar...
  7. Full Metal Kirby

    **REPORTED** Demon Conch fails due to player-placed(?) walls

    Demon Conch failing due to player-placed walls is still an issue in 1.4.1.
  8. Full Metal Kirby

    Journey's End 1.4.4: Balance Feedback and Discussion Thread

    Skimmed through this so I hope I'm not repeating something already mentioned but: Corruption/Crimson Fishing Rod: 20%/22% fishing power, only requires EoC being beat Scarab/Fiberglass Fishing Rod: 25%/27% fishing power, rng obtainable Sitting Duck's Fishing Pole: 40% fishing power, costs 35...
  9. Full Metal Kirby

    **REPORTED** Demon Conch fails due to player-placed(?) walls

    As the title says: If there are player-placed walls, otherwise valid Demon Conch teleport locations become invalid -- either failing entirely if the walls are directly covering the 2x3 area the player will teleport to, or constantly lessening the success chance as more spots above that point are...
  10. Full Metal Kirby

    PC Mimics no longer spawn on the surface

    So ever since Mimics were added into the game, the 'wooden chest' variant would occasionally spawn at 'surface' level if there were natural dirt walls for them to spawn in front of. Since 1.4 I've yet to see it happen even once -- both on new 1.4 worlds (master mode) and older worlds (expert...
  11. Full Metal Kirby

    **REPORTED** Book Mount Bug

    The issue here seems to be that the functionality of the 'Up' key with this mount is broken. If you use the Jump key while completely on the ground (Hold the Down key to ensure you are), you'll gain an okay amount of height and can float along just fine, even controlling your height with Down...
  12. Full Metal Kirby

    [Showcase/Project] AFK Wall of Flesh Farm (Expert)

    So as well crafted as DicemanX's WoF farm is, I decided it would be an interesting challenge to see if I could make a completely gear independent, no player movement or taking even a single hit required setup*. Plus I felt this deserved being revisited since the last time I made a WoF farm. This...
  13. Full Metal Kirby

    1.3.1 Feedback and Bugs Section

    My only real notable issue with 1.3.1 is the fact that Teal Pressure Plates aren't entirely true to their description. They don't detect terrain piercing projectiles, which while I can understand there might be complications behind detecting those kinds of projectiles (or that it'd be...
  14. Full Metal Kirby

    PC Alien Hornet Issues

    I might be mistaken, as I haven't done it in a while and can't check currently, but if I remember correctly... Having a one block high line above the player, and then altering the blocks with a hammer to be not full blocks (I think I used half-blocks) causes them to spawn above the blocks...
  15. Full Metal Kirby

    [Guide] 1 Tick Logic Gates

    Haven't actually tested this, but wouldn't dropping them off of the bottom of the world (after removing any blocks beyond the screen boundary) despawn them?
  16. Full Metal Kirby

    Official Get Wired For Terraria 1.3.1: Calling All Terrarian Mechanics!

    Imma just spitball some ideas, even though I can't think of many practical uses for them, I'm sure others can. Input Controller - When placed over wire, makes it so signals can only go one way, and can block signals entirely. (Already possible by using statues, but would be nice to have a...
  17. Full Metal Kirby

    PC [Finished Project] AFK Moon Lord farm arena

    Something I've actually been working on for a while now, this is the... fourth iteration of my design for a Moon Lord farm, and by far the most consistent and fastest (around 8 minutes to kill, usually) that I've come up with: Wiring (Messy cluster, wasn't particularly planning on showing...
  18. Full Metal Kirby

    PC 1.3 Achievement Suggestions!

    The only normal player - Play the game for an hour while upside down the entire time due to gravity potions/gravity globe. Wow, Incredible! - Defeat Duke Fishron before beating any of the Mechanical Bosses on expert mode. Engineer - Defeat every boss at least once using only traps or boulders...
  19. Full Metal Kirby

    Dungeon Wall guide

    Pretty sure that can't be the case, otherwise only brick-type enemies would spawn throughout a newly generated dungeon regardless of wall type -- seeing as the only wall type to ever generate behind dungeon bricks is the brick one.
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