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  1. Syrrath


    40 wands of sparking. I think I have a couple in storage that you can have. (Not the full 40, but still like 5 to 10 or something) does 50 gold per piece sound good?
  2. Syrrath

    PC Obsidian Roses, Water walking boots, nazars

    I am looking for a bunch of obsidian roses, water walking boots and nazars. Will pay good platinum for the acessories.
  3. Syrrath

    PC Looking to buy the Goblin Tech, or 1 or more of the parts for it.

    Goblin tech? I got some. Name your price.
  4. Syrrath

    PC want to buy enchanted sword

    Still looking for that enchanted sword? I got some in storage I need to get rid of.
  5. Syrrath

    PC Platinum Plaza - Item Trade

    I don't.
  6. Syrrath

    PC Platinum Plaza - Item Trade

    If you haven't gotten one already, I do indeed have a fish finder for sale.
  7. Syrrath

    Fully upgradeable healing potions.

    One of the items that follows players around troughout the entire game is the healing potion. They come in different shapes and sizes depending on your current progress, and if you have any less potent potions left, you just go to an alchemy table and upgrade them, right? Well, that works only...
  8. Syrrath

    PC Selling 2 platinum coins for pre-hard ore

    Hellstone, Huh? I got a couple thousand bars lying around. Price per hellstone bar is 2 gold coins (calculated from the NPC sell value of 40 silver *5, since that is the amount it would cost you if you could buy hellstone from them.) For each 10 bars you purchase, I'll throw in one for free...
  9. Syrrath

    PC Platinum Plaza - Item Trade

    Welcome to the Platinum Plaza Item Trade! Looking for rare Items? Don't want to grind through countless enemies just to finish that one crafting tree? Well, take a look trough our Inventory! Looking to sell something rare? We will buy (as long as its not dirt blocks from overseas)! Can't...
  10. Syrrath

    PC Platinum for Paintings (BIG Rewards) (COMPLETED)

    I do have: -Moonman and Company (5 plat) -What lurks below (30 plat) -Crustography (30 plat) -Fangs (30 plat) -Goldfish Trophy (20 plat) -Treasure map (20 plat) 135 platinum for them all sounds like a decent price.
  11. Syrrath

    PC WTB Beozar, Medicated Bandage, Or Adhesive Bandage

    Thats a deal. PM me so we can arrange a time for the trade.
  12. Syrrath

    PC WTB Beozar, Medicated Bandage, Or Adhesive Bandage

    I got them in stock. Can trade you one. Do you perhaps have some surplus golden critters?
  13. Syrrath

    1.4.4 Discovery/Content Discussion Thread

    It appears to me that necro armor now technically is pre-boss. That is if you can find enough pianos (38 in total) to aquire the required bones.
  14. Syrrath

    PC I want to buy Fisherman's Pocket Guide and Weather Radio.

    So, shall we do the pocket guide for the carp, and the radio for another 40 gold?
  15. Syrrath

    PC I want to buy Fisherman's Pocket Guide and Weather Radio.

    I have both items available. Do you have any golden critters or golden carps you could trade me for both?
  16. Syrrath

    Working as Designed Shellphone not decraftable

    I noticed an inconsistency with the Shellphone crafting tree. Up until, and including the Cell Phone item, Items of that tree can be reversed to their components using Shimmer. The Shellphone however stays unaffected and does not revert. This applies to all selected teleport location variants of...
  17. Syrrath

    1.4.4 Discovery/Content Discussion Thread

    Throwing the fishing related info acessories into shimmer will transform them into each other. Weather Radio > Fishermans pocket guide > Sextant > ... (chain repeats)
  18. Syrrath

    1.4.4 Discovery/Content Discussion Thread

    I obtained the bottomless honey bucket today as a reward for a fishing quest. I assume its the same for the honey absorbent sponge.
  19. Syrrath

    PC Angler Rewards (Paintings and Other Items) - Offering Platinum or Trades (COMPLETE)

    I can trade you the Goldfish and swordfish trophies, as well as the "what lurks below" painting. Edit: I now also found a compass rose. So, thats on the list now as well. Edit 2: Now also have the treasure map. Do you perhaps have any duplicate gold critters I could have in return?
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