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  1. Enragement Child

    HI GUYS!

    CAN I JOIN U GUYS? -------------------------- My name is Enragement Child and I drink the steaming soup that is your anger. Err...what? Well anyways I have Terraria and Pixel Piracy, and all of my friends play Terraria. I play Terraria and Pixel Piracy on a Windows 8.1 Toshiba, and the majority...
  2. Enragement Child

    PC Post Your 1.3 base here!

    My 1.3 base. I'm still pre-hardmode, but I added vanity features. I have 260 HP and 200 Mana at the time of me typing this.
  3. Enragement Child

    Magic Mirror/Recall Potions Hotkey

    Relogic pls add.
  4. Enragement Child

    PC Terraria 1.4 Update - Plumbing, Martians, and Spacemen, Oh my!

    Well, I have come up with some ideas for a Terraria 1.4, be prepared, this post is massive. The update includes: Plumber NPC sells plumbing tools and fixes plumbing. Default weapon is a wrench. Appears after putting a sink/toilet/shower/tub in your adobe. Martian NPC sells martian stuff...
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