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  1. SixtyStingray3

    Halloween items??

    Is anyone else seeing Halloween themed stuff in their worlds? I logged in this morning and have the slimes and bunnies dressed up and seeing ravens flying around. Haven't had a chance to play much though. The wiki says it is supposed to be Oct 20th to November?
  2. SixtyStingray3

    Mobile I need advices!

    In most of my mobile worlds the temple is always close to the underworld. I would go to the start of your jungle and dig straight down until you get close to the underworld. Then turn and go towards the other side of the jungle. you should run right into it. i think the newest update made it...
  3. SixtyStingray3

    Need help ASAP!! World won't load

    No I haven't used any mods of any kind. Just strange that there were no issues with it yesterday. I hope that there is some type of fix for this. I really hate the thought of losing everything. Kyle
  4. SixtyStingray3

    Need help ASAP!! World won't load

    I was playing tonight and one of my worlds says load failed. The title for it in the menu is in red letters while the others are white. I have some other worlds that load and work just fine. I was able to play this world last night. Is there anyway to fix this? This is my new expert mode...
  5. SixtyStingray3

    Too Many Blood Moons & Solar Eclipses

    I agree!! I hate the solar eclipses now. Way too often!
  6. SixtyStingray3

    PC Moon lord is too fraking OP

    I can't beat him either. I wish I would have had a chance when it first came out and was easy. I tried 2 times last night. One with magic weapons and one with melee. It was brutal!!!!
  7. SixtyStingray3

    PC Biome chest keys not working.

    I have read that you must kill Plantera first before it will allow you to open them.
  8. SixtyStingray3

    PC Changes

    Have you defeated Plantera yet? I had the same problem until I beat Plantera and now I can fight Golem.
  9. SixtyStingray3

    PC Changes

    Thank You!!!!
  10. SixtyStingray3

    PC Changes

    how do you highlight stuff in your inventory so you can't accidentally throw it away? it makes some kind of box around the item?
  11. SixtyStingray3

    Plantera bulbs

    It took me over 30 minutes of digging to finally find one last night!!!!!!!!!
  12. SixtyStingray3

    PC No Meowmere? ;_;

    how does he spawn after the first time? I haven't had a chance to play yet. I know you beat the guy at the dungeon and then the pillar things. but after you beat the moon lord once, how does he respawn?? Help?
  13. SixtyStingray3

    PC IT HAS BEGUN! - Terraria 1.3 Launches Today!

    My son is enjoying this while I am stuck at work!!! What is the key of night for? I can't find any info on it. Thanks
  14. SixtyStingray3

    Mobile I am needing some help please!

    Plantera drops a temple key when you kill him. Take that key to the lizhard temple and open the door. Collect all the golem spawn cells and find the lizhard altar. Spawn Golem and hope to get the picksaw when he dies. That is the only way to get those bricks.
  15. SixtyStingray3

    Mobile Some glitches that may waste a ton of your time and energy... ps. not fun glitches

    Well I can't help with the drop rates on it, but I have gotten a few of the cursed saplings. Maybe it's not dropping because of a cap on the amount of stuff that can be out at one time???
  16. SixtyStingray3

    Mobile Dungeon Guardian, Bone Key Exploit

    I just loaded up a new world and did it. I waited until night time so I could kill Skeletron to retrieve the bone key. Worked on the first time!! I saw it fall after the DG killed me, so I took out Skeletron and ran down for it.
  17. SixtyStingray3

    Official Addressing the "Non-Critical" Mobile Terraria Bugs

    The wiki says that mourning wood is left out of wave 8. Not sure why though. My biggest problem on my android is that it still crashes at random.
  18. SixtyStingray3

    PC HALP! I can't kill the stupid Destroyer and I have tried almost everything I could think of.

    do you have the pirate NPC? buy a cannon and a bunch of cannon balls. place cannon on ground level and point it straight up. spawn the destroyer. shoot cannon balls up. they will fall straight back down and hit him. it will be over quick.
  19. SixtyStingray3

    Pumpkin moon help

    Ya, I have everything filled in underneath me both ways for a long ways. Took a lot of dirt to fill everything in. Maybe one day they will get it figured out and make the nights longer or something.
  20. SixtyStingray3

    Pumpkin moon help

    I make it to wave 4 and then the daytime comes. I have a pretty good arena set up and all the good gear. I can't get the mobs to spawn fast enough to advance faster. Looks like I will have to play PC or console to destroy the Pumpkin Moon.
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