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  1. Wes163552

    PC Game Not Launching

    I'm having the same issue right now as well, if you found a solution please tell.
  2. Wes163552

    PS4 With KBM support, can't use side mouse button, plus it is glitchy... And the game isn't smooth even on PS5, It is quite laggy and frames drop.

    Like I said, it was laggy and dropped frames on PS5, it would be nice if there were a next-gen update at some point if possible
  3. Wes163552


    I am aware this isn't a primary action to be working on, but just an idea.... I love using keyboard and mouse on games that I can on my PS4 (Minecraft, COD MW, etc.) and I can't use it on one of my favorite games (Terraria). Now something I have realized, is that it kind of works ig, being able...
  4. Wes163552

    Mobile Terraria 1.3 Launches on Amazon Today!

    I may not play on Amazon devices, but I am hyped for those of you who do... it is amazing and personally I love it. Also, this means we are closer to getting 1.4 out, 1.3.4 for console, and getting later mobile and switch updates !
  5. Wes163552

    Resolved [Mobile] Plantera

    Thanks for trying to help... but I finally found it.
  6. Wes163552

    Resolved [Mobile] Plantera

    I have defeated all of the mech bosses at least 3 times, and I have searched the entire jungle and I still can't find the plantera bulb... Can't continue on my expert world
  7. Wes163552

    Terraria: I am inevitable- Minecraft: ..... (crickets)

    Terraria: I am inevitable- Minecraft: ..... (crickets)
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