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    Tool TEdit - Terraria Map Editor

    when will it be updated for 1.4.4
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    PC Biome weapons progression change

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    PC Biome weapons progression change

    I always felt like biome weapons got barely any time to shine , it would be nice to be able to get them for planters fight
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    4 best accessory and weapon of terraria

    terraspark is kinda trash tho
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    PC Terraria biomes and mini biomes tier list

    Hello , in this thread i will present my biomes and mini biomes tier list This List will consist of 6 tiers: S , A , B , C , D , F . Each biome will be ranked in three categories : - Usefulness ( how good items and resources you can get from it ) - Aestetics ( how much pleasing it is to eyes and...
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    Yeah i know ,it's sad how toilet jokes are still funny to some people,also don't call me sir i am probably younger than you XD
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    honestly we don't need more joke items especially jokes about :red:ting that are somehow still funny to some people
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    PC Ankh Shield rework

    After 1.4 update after frozen shield and hero shield were added and it seems like there is less need for ankh shield. Let me explain why. Only usefull debuffs that ankh shield protects from are posioned,bleeding,cursed and chilled ,rest of debuffs are rarely encountered and even when hit by...
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    Add the Pocket Mirror to Ankh Charm/Shield

    doesnt protect against frozen debuff
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    [Labor of Love] Polishing up Summoner

    Dude last few updates were mostly summoner oriented,we don't need anymore updates about that class
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    Pyramid Crates

    that would be kinda useless
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    Record your successful Master Mode boss strategies

    gladiator set ,featherfall potion ,demon bow(jester arrows),above arena =easy eow for the worthy
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    Pyramid Crates

    Pyramid crate would be way too op cause both sandstorm and carpet are really strong movement items and the fact that u could get them without searching for pyramid is way too broken,however second suggestion is good.They should be added in desert crate but with lower drop rates so if someone...
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    Corruption or Crimson? Which do you prefer?

    Corruption is only for og players 😎
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    Mobile Question about 1.4 system requirements.

    You dont need moderator to tell you that its going to run just fine
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    PC The whips go against the principles of the summoner

    I have an idea for whips maybe give them effects like cool whip has(creating snowflake that attacks enemies),with abillities to spawn like that it would make much more sense that they are summon weapons
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    Flamethrower need more love

    Cursed flame thrower?
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    Dedicated worlds

    Custom world gen?
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    My list of features added about world gen in 1.4 from best to worst

    (Sorry for bad grammar) 1. New mushroom biomes I love them they are so beautiful,they are also really big,have less traps,they have lot of flat surface and its 10x easier to catch truffle worms living wood trees Excellent ,now they are connected and you can find lot of new starting stuff...
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    **REPORTED** Unable to buy the Mushroom Pylon

    Try just putting dryad and not guide
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