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    What is the dumbest thing you have ever heard someone say?

    "I love Justin Bieber" ... ... ...
  2. T5U

    Casual Where are you from?

    Little village in Europe known as Poland...
  3. T5U

    Explain your avatar

    my fugly face?
  4. T5U

    Casual Random facts about yourself

    - I love LEGO - Photography - I spend too much time playing GTA5 Online...
  5. T5U

    New guy

    My first official house and some other small details from my world. Hope you will like it.
  6. T5U

    What does your house look like?

    My house / Bat cave Hope you will like it.
  7. T5U


    Hello!. My name is Lukas. I started playing Terraria 4 months ago and I think it's really awesome. I love graphic design, photography, drawing and LEGO...yes, LEGO. I'm just a 30y old kid. See ya.
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