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  1. Caffeinated_Clownery!

    PC Bored playing alone, looking for friends! (Vanilla, Modded, down for w/e)

    My discord is Lunifae#1859 , shoot me a friend request if you want to! :dryadhappy: I'm getting bored playing by myself and would love to have someone to share the experience with. Whether y'all just want to play for an hour or make a playthrough of it is entirely up to you, I'm genuinely down...
  2. Caffeinated_Clownery!

    Looking to play calamity

    Sent a friend request! :D ( Lunifae#1859 )
  3. Caffeinated_Clownery!

    PC Looking for people to Play terraria with

    This thread seems old, but if anyone here still wants to play I'm down!
  4. Caffeinated_Clownery!

    PC I will buy pets with thousands of wood

    Heya! I know this was posted a while ago, but I figured if you're still wanting pets for wood I'd be willing to comply! I have plenty of pets and I love hoarding building materials. What kind of pets did you want? I see the attached image, but was wondering if this was an "I want a few of...
  5. Caffeinated_Clownery!

    PC My Builds. (castles floating islands and more...)

    These are all so cool! everything looks nice enough to be player made but textured just right so it looks as if it could have generated that way :)
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