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    were going for a 4 year break now

    were going for a 4 year break now
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    The future is bright! 3 years in and Terraria has evolved even without Yrimir.

    The future is bright! 3 years in and Terraria has evolved even without Yrimir.
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    Wait that would be impossible, maybe a standalone mod?

    Wait that would be impossible, maybe a standalone mod?
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    Console Music & PC Music

    Here's a sub <3
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    Console Music & PC Music

    Nevermind, you are right. It's better to use music boxes.
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    PC "could not find a direct3d device that supports the xna framework reach file"

    Same thing happened to me. I tried all of the options possible, and turning on 3D acceleration. I'm on a virtualbox running an experiment. Probably noone's gonna get back to me since this was from 2 years ago.
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    Console Music & PC Music

    Please make it a random chance to play either console or PC music in any of the biomes or any of the events. I remember 1.3 fishing so well and it'd be gold if there was still a chance to play it at night! (And besides, I'm too lazy to get a music box)
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    I wonder if you are ever going to make a wave bank (xwb) file of the mod, to use in Vanilla...

    I wonder if you are ever going to make a wave bank (xwb) file of the mod, to use in Vanilla Terraria. That would be amazing! Calamity Extra Music
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    **REPORTED** Frost Moon Bosses not Dropping any Loot

    I had the same issue. It wasn't dropping the relic or loot, just a lot of health (like any normal event boss). Thank you for reporting this, I searched on the web, and this came up.
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    Tool TEdit - Terraria Map Editor

    I noticed there isn't a download for 1.2.4/ and I need to make a truffle worm farm in that version. Any1 have the download link???? Also developing a strat for Duke Fishron and I might need that tEdit /*Going back to 1.2 for a nostalgia trip.*/
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    PC Creature From The Deep dropped two Shells???

    I was farming out the solar eclipse as usual, but then I noticed smth. A Creature From the Deep dropped two shells. "Weird", I said to myself. I had seen Hectique farm for Paladins himself and one dropped two shields?? This is probably a on-purpose bug that usually isn't seen by regular players...
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    Tool Quick Wave Bank - An easy, no-hassle Wave Bank creator

    My antivirus detected it as a positive, but most likely false
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    Moss Hornets Should Be Nerfed

    They do shoot so fast to a player who is afk or not paying attention to them. They swarm you easily
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    PC I wrote this code (am begginner) and it didnt work ;( help

    using Terraria; using Terraria.ID; using Microsoft.Xna.Framework; using ASuperElasticBouncySmallBouncyInvisibleBossMod; namespace ASuperElasticBouncySmallBouncyInvisibleBossMod.ASuperElasticBouncySmallBouncyInvisibleBoss.Content.Items.Weapons { public class SEBSIB : ModItem {...
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    Moss Hornets Should Be Nerfed

    Moss Hornets should bee (pun intended) nerfed. In mastermode, I can get 2-shotted as a ranged class. Even with some of the best gear in this stage of the game. I've already built out a Plantera arena and I have to travel all the way back to it every time I get killed by one of those moss bees...
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    PC One way the Inventory (and Terraria) is different

    Terraria is a game where you can dig! Fight! Explore! All fun, but you are missing on something. A key feature of the gameplay is the ability to place stuff out of your inventory. This REVOLUTIONIZES gameplay a lot! One great part of the inventory mechanism is crafting while moving. If you were...
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    Xbox One Minimap character icon glitch

    Lol i had the same problem around that time. I was like "wtf" when I became the logo. It must be a file that was connected to the wrong image Images\logo.png or smth...
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    PC Money duping using Eternia Crystal Sell & Buy

    Money duping with Eternia Crystals. Eternia Crystals sell for 🥈 37 and 🥉 50, as a Terraria player might know (well, I don't think normal Terraria players remember shop prices) (btw the bronze and silver metals represent coins, there should really be an emoji for that). Is it my own eyes or my...
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    tModLoader Tutorial: [3] Items

    July 23 2020 ----------------------------------- Define the DisplayName in SetStaticDefaults to "ItemName" { public override void SetStaticDefaults() { DisplayName.SetDefault("Better Copper Shortsword"); Tooltip.SetDefault("Better version of the classic...
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