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  1. J0sh

    Hey buddy how are yah

    Hey buddy how are yah
  2. J0sh

    Serious Best PC Recording/Editing Programs

    I don't know about those Youtubes, however some suggested recording/Editting programs: Dxtory Camtasia Studio 8 (Really good for recording and editting, however not that im suggesting to get it illegal... but...) Windows Movie Maker (I am legit, it's simple and easy to use, good for people...
  3. J0sh

    Non-Terrarian Bad RNG Games

    Hearthstone, the whole game is based on RNG :>
  4. J0sh

    Thanks broski! :D

    Thanks broski! :D
  5. J0sh

    I love how nonchalantly you guys commented almost exactly a year later lmao

    I love how nonchalantly you guys commented almost exactly a year later lmao
  6. J0sh

    Thanks for the follow broksi what a champ

    Thanks for the follow broksi what a champ
  7. J0sh

    Console Kingdom Hearts 3

    Ill probably play it, but it will more than likely feel like a seperate game from KH1/2 and treat it rather to the sequel of Birth by Sleep-- which I never played.
  8. J0sh

    Can people suggest things to pass time?

    Play a new video game, The Summer Sale was on for steam from the 18th of June to the 22nd surely you picked something, anything up, I know I did; The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Shadow of Mordor Among of Weaboo Games ;) (Visual Novels) Or you could watch something fun and intesresting there are...
  9. J0sh

    Casual Talk about the name of the user above you

    You don't seem to a very desperate sum of all things in the equation.
  10. J0sh

    Explain your avatar

    My avatar is a picture of the main protaginist of Ao Haru Ride (Blue Spring Ride) and it's one of my favourite rom-com drama's i've watched to date. :) ps. the characters name is Futaba Yoshioka
  11. J0sh

    Video Game "Addiction"

    I imagine a lot of people are addicted without knowing but it's a pretty weak addiction-- however the research is there and I feel like I'm probably "addicted". I just don't think it's worth getting fussed about it's kinda the media just pokin' fun.
  12. J0sh

    Casual What Speed is your Internet Connection?

    Gee wizz, thanks australia
  13. J0sh

    PC Team Fortress 2!

    Hey guys, didn't see any TF2 threads so I thought why not make my own, for the sake of discussion we'll throw some questions 1. What are your favourite classes? 2. What's your main, if you have one? 3. Favourite Item, why? So, without further adeiu My favourite classes are; spy, sniper, medic...
  14. J0sh

    the kingdom hearts series

    Probably is, goodjob (y)
  15. J0sh

    the kingdom hearts series

    I love kingdom hearts and my favourite will always be Kingdom Hearts 2, keep the classic key blade as my favourite blade. I think wisdom forme is my favourite because it lets me beat this :red:er-- what do I not like? this :red:er ruined my day more than one occasion, beating him was bliss never...
  16. J0sh

    Casual Music Appreciation Thread

    I've noticed a severly lack of music threads, maybe Im in the wrong place. Oh well Let's cover some ground rules. 1. Accept everyone's music, if you don't like it don't comment. 2. General Forum rules apply, easy right? I know you guys can do it, we're pretty awesome around here. "but wat do...
  17. J0sh

    What type of gamer are you?

    im a gamer that... plays games
  18. J0sh

    How tall are you?

    6"2 or ~183cm Im pretty tall, but overweight :'(
  19. J0sh

    Casual Myers Briggs Personality Test

    ENFJ Click the link for more statistics that I couldn't be bothered to type out :D
  20. J0sh

    Casual How did you get your TCF name?

    (it's actually my name in real life) spooky...
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