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    The Megaton Bunny

    500 is wayyyy to large, same with 40k damage. I do think there should be more explosives, but this is not the way to go about it. Perhaps there could be bunny variants of the new explosives I suggested here: More Explosives Progression
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    The Explorer NPC!

    Thats exactly what I was just thinking, perhaps key locations like a beehive/marble cave/granite cave or always centered on an underground house
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    The Explorer NPC!

    Why thank you. I think this is a cool idea and would love to see it in game!
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    The Explorer NPC!

    "the Explorer" Potential names: Indy, alex, steve, lewis, clark, Miguel, Tulio, Francis, Marco, Christopher. Sells random tools (Which always have negative modifiers) and ores/crystals? (which change as the game progresses)
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    Need basic Mod/main file structure

    I learn best by seeing an example, and the example mod is not much help when everything is just named example so I dont know what goes to what. Plus it seems to be crashing for me. Anyways, I am looking for a basic mod that does a few simple things. As many or as few of these as you can do...
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    Plantera summoning item

    get more seeds then you dont have to wait as long. Also i dont think you need to afk near it. This isnt minecraft. Isnt the whole world loaded at all times? so you can go do other things Edit. Its not letting me reply to you @2D_Emerald but the difference is the queen bee/EoW/EoC "physical...
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    Plantera summoning item

    You can always just find bulbs... why is this needed? if youre having trouble finding bulbs, just make a platform with jungle grass
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    Add the Option to Choose Your Starting Weapon During Character Creation

    but its iconic, and is too late to change
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    Flight Spell/Mage Class Wings

    Yea, I dont use the mana flower so I didn't realize the mana sickness debuff decreased damage. That would make it OP for any class EXCEPT mage, so I agree with the magic armor requirement. And as for making it "worth using", that is why I initially made it endgame and would likely have very good...
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    Sprites Suggestion : Female character arms

    Just thinner, not shorter. It literally a few pixels changed on the arm texture
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    Flight Spell/Mage Class Wings

    Actually I have since realized that these wings will likely ONLY be useful to the mage class, becuase they are the only ones that will be set up for prolonged mana usage with magic and arcane accessories. Other classes could, but would need to multiclass into magic for this one specific use?
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    Dilation Clock (slows time)

    hmmm, sure. edited post
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    Fishing Trophies (like golf trophies)

    Edited post. I suppose that makes sense
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    Fishing Trophies (like golf trophies)

    I guess it would look similar but would be different colors: bronze, silver, gold
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    Flight Spell/Mage Class Wings

    Then perhaps, it would have not very good stats and in exchange would be available much earlier. Actually yea, in retrospect, wings like these, that allow theoretically infinite flight, should not also match the stats of the best wings in the game. They could perhaps be very early hardmode/late...
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    Secret Skyblock seed

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    The Valor (artificial biome)

    Maybe he could rarely spawn in this biome similar to the wandering merchant to give you money/sell items?
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    Third Evil: The Decay

    Lol that is kinda similar, but no I've never seen that until now.
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    Monolith that toggles Evil Spread (post moon lord)

    You mean me? I dont mind doing it the current way, but I have recently seen of ton of ideas for items that would cleanse entire biomes or even the entire world at once, which is blatantly OP in my opinion even being post moon lord. So yea there is clearly a need and I wanted to post my take on a...
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    Terraspark and book of coexisting

    Now this I definitely do not agree with, if you are referring to the ones such as biome swap torches and wire visibility. IF this functionality (of the terraspark boots also having the flame trail/dune rider ability) absolutely needed to be added at all, then I do agree a right click swap of the...
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