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  1. Golden duck


  2. Golden duck

    Texture Pack Sniper Rifle to Dead Man's Tale

    This is unique, I like it
  3. Golden duck

    Texture Pack -

    Could you add a .ZIP file.
  4. Golden duck

    Texture Pack Gemstone Coins

    i really like the topaz and diamond coins.
  5. Golden duck

    PC Obsidian Bricks Re-Painted

  6. Golden duck

    ParadoX mod

    I love the mech queen bee, Very original
  7. Golden duck

    Texture Pack Better Potion Pack

    Fair enough
  8. Golden duck

    Texture Pack BLAZING CHROME PACK!!!!

    I love the imp staff, great job
  9. Golden duck

    PC -

    I actually really like this.
  10. Golden duck

    Texture Pack -

  11. Golden duck

    Texture Pack Veen Texture Pack

    I like the skeletron.
  12. Golden duck

    Texture Pack Skeletron Prime-X

  13. Golden duck

    Language Pack Better Tooltips

    This is incredible, I don't even know how you did this.
  14. Golden duck

    Texture Pack Blue Imps

    I was actually thinking of making a pack like this, good job!
  15. Golden duck

    tModLoader Magic Storage

    Maybe, but it was just like I exited out of tmodloader and then the next day I opened it and went straight into the world.
  16. Golden duck

    tModLoader Magic Storage

    When I loaded my world, all my magic storage containers were gone.
  17. Golden duck

    are there any evil swaping texture packs?

    Good because I'm already half way done :)
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