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  1. nerd50

    tModLoader Hodgepodge Weapons MOD - Ideas?

    make a discord for this mod
  2. nerd50

    tModLoader Large World Enabler

    hi Jopojelly can you update this mod please beacuse it says to me when i tried to use it This Mod is was built for tmodloader
  3. nerd50

    what is you mod

    what is you mod
  4. nerd50


  5. nerd50

    strifename's pixel things

    did you take requests?
  6. nerd50

    that is too old

    that is too old
  7. nerd50

    tModLoader The Havoc Mod

    make discord for the mod
  8. nerd50

    tModLoader Exodus Mod

    no,we work soo hard to make new bosses and more npcs and new biomes and that take soo much time
  9. nerd50

    tModLoader The Havoc Mod

    still cant see the harpy boss
  10. nerd50

    tModLoader Tremor Remastered [discontinued]

    hey zadum4ivii no one read recipes at all we need just the content
  11. nerd50

    tModLoader Summoners Love

    is this mod dead?
  12. nerd50

    tModLoader The Havoc Mod

    there is sprite for those?
  13. nerd50

    tModLoader Pumpking's Mod

    you need to add more things to the mod
  14. nerd50

    Pixel Art Zoomo's Art

    and you? what you use?
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