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  1. GoldenArrow

    Cross-Platform Digimon Rumble Arena 2

    DIGIMON RUMBLE ARENA 2 Digimon Rumble Arena 2 is a fighting game released in 2004 for the PS2 , the Gamecube and the XBOX (original) , it is similar to Super Smash Brothers but with Digimon instead . Now this game has a bunch of different mechanics that make it unique and not identical to...
  2. GoldenArrow

    Spikier balls - Throwing weapon

    SPIKIER BALLS I think we need more throwing weapons , so here is an idea about a throwing weapon . It is an early hardmode weapon sold by the goblin tinkerer after the wall of flesh has been defeated , it is an upgrade to classic spiky balls . They behave in a very similar way to spiky balls ...
  3. GoldenArrow

    Describe a video game in as few words as you can .

    Well, you got to describe any video game in as few words as you can , a few examples : Disney Infinity : Disney's Gmod. Gmod : Random objects together!! Minecraft : Your cubes , use them to craft or break stuff The Forest : Grab an axe , kill the evil mutants ! Spore : Create a creature ...
  4. GoldenArrow

    Short Story That Guide ...

    THAT GUIDE - A RAGE STORY I remember that one day , the first of many , the day I invited a friend of mine to play some co-op terraria on the ps3 , at the time I was not very experienced with this game , we made a new world and new characters , I started making a terrible "house" while my...
  5. GoldenArrow

    Black Hole Grenade

    THE BLACK HOLE GRENADE A Black hole grenade would be a thrown weapon , it could be dropped by: Martian walkers quantity :2-3 , 50% Ray gunners , quantity :1 , 25% Martian drones , quantity :1-2 , 25% Martian officers , quantity 1-3 , 50% Gigazappers , quantity 1-2 , 50% Martian saucers ...
  6. GoldenArrow

    Super Paper Mario

    SUPER PAPER MARIO Yes , that game , the game that is always criticized for not being a turn-based RPG like its older brothers , the game that is one of the best games (in my opinion) of the mario series up to date (still not my favorite) , recently I plugged in my wii and played this great...
  7. GoldenArrow

    Contact lenses- A way to change eye color

    CONTACT LENSES Yes , i know there are other threads about contact lenses , as i see this one is different ! The contact lenses could be used to change your character's eye color , they could be placed in a special new slot . This could be a crafting recipe (for example) : 2 lenses black dye...
  8. GoldenArrow

    Story The past of the Lihzahrds

    CHAPTER 1 The story begins with 4 adventurers : Steve , Scott , Kyle and Ryan . Steve Steve is a brave warrior , he uses a Fiery Greatsword as a main weapon and wears a molten armor. He also carries everywhere his dark lance and his Sunfury . Scott Scott is skilled at aiming , he has chosen...
  9. GoldenArrow

    Venomous Magic Dagger

    THE VENOMOUS MAGIC DAGGER The throwing knife can be upgraded to poisoned knife , so why not ? The Venomous magic dagger could have these stats : 41 damage (magic) 4 knockback Mana : 7 Critical chance : 6% Use time : 8 Velocity : 13 Tooltip : A magical venomous returning dagger Sell price : 8...
  10. GoldenArrow


    THE KOOPA CLOWN MOUNT Yes , I mean the super mario koopa clown car !! Terraria is coming to nintendo ( it has been released !! ) , so why not one more nintendo reference ? This thing could be something like the UFO mount , infinite flight time (or maybe not) ! It could do the sound that...
  11. GoldenArrow

    A New class - Monster tamer

    THE MONSTER TAMER The Monster tamer (or just tamer) could be a class that will allow you to take control of the monsters using mana per second ! The items that will be used for taming monsters could be called taming staff (s) . Each staff will be able to take control of some monsters and each...
  12. GoldenArrow

    Super Mario bros. 3

    SUPER MARIO BROS. 3 This thread is for the good old Super Mario Bros 3 for the nes , snes , gba. I just wanted to make a thread about this game. It is so close to my heart . This is definitely my favorite of the 2d super mario platformers , each world is unique with a soundtrack that...
  13. GoldenArrow

    Console Are Ocram weapons too weak ?

    OCRAM WEAPONS NEED IMPROVEMENTS Well by saying ocram weapons I mean the weapons you make from Ocram's drops (tizona , tonbogiri and vulcan repeater ), they are not that useful (maybe the repeater is useful). Should they take small improvements ? Ocram is expensive to summon and remember Ocram...
  14. GoldenArrow

    1.3 weapons too op ?

    Dear Re-Logic, I think you should weaken A BIT some of the 1.3 weapons cause they are too good and they make pvp like 2 seconds long ! For example the terrarian kills a fully armored player extremely fast !! (You rush at someone and then he is dead !) Anyways the decision is yours, but i ask the...
  15. GoldenArrow

    Who wants his/her picture to be thug lifed?

    Just post a picture and I will turn it into a poorly edited thug life picture using a mobile app . These things take a couple of minutes to make so , do not expect anything extremely good , also please be patient. ;) All it takes for me to start working is really just inspiration and...
  16. GoldenArrow

    PS3 Do you need help ?

    I can help you with bosses and whatever you want, just ask
  17. GoldenArrow

    PS3 Who wants to play?

    Who wants to play with me terraria on the ps3 ? my id is : GoldenArrowGR
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