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    NPCs & Enemies Please Make The DreadNautilus A Boss

    If they are willing to prepare and put the effort for it, it's worth it yes.
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    NPCs & Enemies Please Make The DreadNautilus A Boss

    @J Bame @Toxophilite [East] I'm not gonna try to comprehend all of this epic battle but since I got quoted, I figure I'd drop in with my stance on Sanguine Vs. Optic. First and foremost, Optic Staff has higher raw DPS than Sanguine, quite noticeably. However, Sanguine's inability to miss...
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    Thank you!

    Thank you!
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    Thank you! 🍊

    Thank you! 🍊
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    Weapons & Equip cool vid on weapons that could use a buff

    Even when it comes to purely wanting to rework a weapon, wanting to turn Bubble Gun into another mindless homing magic weapon is incredibly lame. Bubble Gun doesn't need any changes, it's great as it is as a high risk high reward Magic weapon that adds diversity to playstyles.
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    Give me a good pre plantera summoner build that could really work

    Optic Staff with Firecracker + (support) Durendal is your best bet for DPS. Blade Staff with three whips is a little faster but that realistically doesn't apply to the average player. Use Hallowed Armor. If you can only use one whip, then solo Durendal is probably the best pick. Moon Stone is a...
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    Weapons & Equip Accessories

    This would simply be overpowered. Worm Scarf + Brain of Confusion + Shield of Cthulhu (+ other stuff) would be way too overtuned, even if it was only two of those combined.
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    Weapons & Equip cool vid on weapons that could use a buff

    Sockrteez is an unreliable source and weapons like Bubble Gun are the last weapons you want to buff if your goal is to have a balanced game.
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    Okay, that's enough padding and QOL.

    That's why in the end I'm glad for Master mode's existence even if it's objectively disappointing by itself, because the stat bloats keeps the game hard enough for veteran players like me who take full advantage of the increased power in general in 1.4 update cycle.
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    Okay, that's enough padding and QOL.

    Most of the "Powercreep" comes in the form of older weapons getting buffed or reworked, at least outside of Summoner stuff. There's a reason why you don't see Nightglow or Resonance Scepter being able to borderline kill Master Mode Empress of Light in under 20 seconds, unlike Bubble Gun.
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    Okay, that's enough padding and QOL.

    You complain a lot but did not elaborate on what specifically is bad besides in-game "autoclicker", and why. In general I'm not sure what you mean by "Padding" and in a negative sense, "QoL". Is it the increase in food items early game? Early pre-boss is rough as hell and food items from trees...
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    What is an accessory that no one uses but can be useful in different builds/setups?

    That line of accessories & tinker is indeed very useful if not crucial in GFB and I used those extensively in my GFB, including maining Terraspark Boots over Amphibian Boots in that case. Is it just me or does hardly anyone use Charm of Myths? 1 HP/s regen combined with significantly reduced...
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    1.4.4 Summoner Minion, Whip & Armor In-Depth Tier List

    They give no minion slots and I don't rank sentries, so I decided to not rank them. I should clarify that in the original post.
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    Terraria State of the Game - August 2023

    Love the new music. Can't wait for the rest!
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    Game Mechanics 🤔 Thrower...🤽

    That's not a mechanic, it's just a "theme" at most. That's not close to being unique to Throwing weapons. Terraria weapons in general are different including in range & gravity. Magic Dagger, Bubble Gun, Whips, Betsy's Wrath, Flamethrower, Toxic Flask, Shadowflame Knife, Proximity Mine Launcher...
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    Weapons & Equip Weapon Reworks

    You can use both. Xeno Staff outclasses every minion before it in general. Stardust Cell Staff performs better against Daytime Empress of Light and Pillar mobbing.
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    Game Mechanics 🤔 Thrower...🤽

    Like what?
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    Game Mechanics Remove the Mana Cost for Summons and Add a Minion Slot Counter

    Ballista spam + Right click-minions in 1.4.3 was proved to be a very good strategy to kill WoF safely + fast, in fact it was shaping up and evolving into being the new Summoner WoF meta until 1.4.4 came around and removed Ballista spam strategy.
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