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  1. Archolm

    PC [AFK farm] One-way slime wall

    Is this design written down somewhere? Or is it really as simple as it looks?
  2. Archolm

    PC Top 10 must before entering hardmode

    I love stuff like this, I wish there was a well clean written out website somewhere where you could read the various farms and builds.
  3. Archolm

    I'm really stoked to be playing tonight - have to let it out, soz.

    I love this game. If I had 10 wishes I would spend one and make my 14-year-old self play this game. I feel, and I think a lot more people with me, that this game will never die. Maybe some people will get burned out on it, but you always return to it. The entire structure and the gameplay loop...
  4. Archolm

    Terraria State of the Game - June 2022

    This is madness
  5. Archolm

    Terraria State of the Game - June 2022

    This is my 2 weeks off, what are the chances it drops during my vacation?
  6. Archolm

    PC +60hz cursor overlay flickering

    Their really dropping the ball on this, its April 2022 and the flickering is still there at higher screen hz. I'm running at 144 and it's like a disco up in here!! So it's not all negative but seriously someone needs to look at this.
  7. Archolm

    Maps What would a perfect world look like?

    Those are the things i'm looking for! Thanks for the suggestions!
  8. Archolm

    Maps What would a perfect world look like?

    I want to build a homeworld after having an assortment of weird mixtures and half hard mode spawned stuff... its bad. So now I want to make a world, part in TEdit, where I can just add sections of stages of the game as I progress. I'm on Master mode but stuck at Mrs. Slime. I also have a normal...
  9. Archolm

    Tool TEdit - Terraria Map Editor

    Hello all, i'm enjoying my time but would love a hardmode world without the V biomes spread. I have checked and you can toggle the Hardmode status of a world in TEdit, however this does not spawn a V upon entering the world as I would have suspected, however I'm unable without spending much time...
  10. Archolm

    Hello, Archolm here!

    I'm pretty sure i'm nowhere near the level for Not the bees! seed, or any variate of that. I'm kind of an older gamer and my reflexes aren't the best anymore. I'm not even sure if Master Mode is even doable for me! But at this point, its like my America and like a Columbus I must conquer it! I...
  11. Archolm

    Hello, Archolm here!

    Well I was mainly talking about prehardmode, I just want to focus on exploring and building a half-decent base before Crimson gets me, and I suppose building a wall around my spawning biome would prevent it from spreading there. From what I read on the Wiki bricks, like red brick or green brick...
  12. Archolm

    Hello, Archolm here!

    Hello fellows! I have been playing and off for 220 hours in this amazing game and I'm faced with a bit of a dilemma. When I just started out I kind of burned myself out by viewing a "have everything" map so I never really played much, then last year I decided to pick it up again and have been in...
  13. Archolm

    200 hours in, World Anxiety is setting in, also - is classic to easy for me?

    Hello all, I have owned Terraria for a long long time, and way back I think 1.1 or something I did a small playthrough but then a few hours in spoiled myself with an all you can have custom build castle map. It really put me off for a long time, seeing as you need to earn the items yourself or...
  14. Archolm

    Terraria does not start.

    It's the same as some of the other threads I've read. Following windows error message pops up, Probleemhandtekening: Gebeurtenisnaam van probleem: CLR20r3 Probleemhandtekening 01: Terraria.exe Probleemhandtekening 02: Probleemhandtekening 03: 58ffb4ce Probleemhandtekening 04: Terraria...
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