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  1. CST1229

    Other Update the Steam Banner

    It still contains the old 1.3 logo and probably some outdated sprites as well.
  2. CST1229

    Terraria State of the Game - July 2020

    Is the first paragraph being a copy of June intentional?
  3. CST1229

    How can I disable achievements

    So if you cannot disable the achievement (because 1.4), just set up a hoik that sends you back and forth and ride it.
  4. CST1229

    Weapons & Equip On Fire Debuff immunity

    Yeah. Just have the Lava charm and variants grant On Fire immunity.
  5. CST1229

    In-depth Hardmode weapon tier list

    Why are all the numbers in the stats censored?
  6. CST1229

    Standalone [1.3] tModLoader - A Modding API

    rip theres anti-piracy now i guess i cannot play modded from now on UPDATE: I bought the game. ok?
  7. CST1229

    Console Can we get a save options?

    You could solve that by instead of having "Save" and "Exit", you would have "Save & Exit" and "Save Without Quitting".
  8. CST1229

    Other Bestiary : Copy and Paste (Just like World Seeds)

    The problem with exporting/importing bestiary data is that the Zoologist progression is tied to it.
  9. CST1229

    Other Suggestion for User Experience

    Feedback 5 would be amazing. Pick Block from Minecraft, but in Terraria!
  10. CST1229

    Console Can we get a save options?

    Did i miss something or did you reply wrongly? The post was about saving without quitting, NOT quitting without saving.
  11. CST1229

    Game Mechanics Drag the Sun and Moon!

    Fact: In early server versions, the host could drag the sun. This is where that easter egg came from
  12. CST1229

    Game Mechanics Improved duplication/research quality-of-life

    Yes. My suggestion is just make the Angler not give duplicates of researched items.
  13. CST1229

    What Would You Consider to be a "Perfect World"?

    Dungeon close to ground World evil neither covering jungle or snow A large amount of big trees Good loot No UW houses that form a complete wall over the Underworld Big jungle with a decent amount of hives and caves Enough surface chest loot Enchanted sword shrines Atleast 1 pyramid and some...
  14. CST1229

    Working as Designed Angler giving duplicates of researched items

    Note: This may not be a bug, but rather, a suggestion or an issue. Self-explanatory. When I complete fishing quests, the Angler can reward duplicate items even though I already researched them in Journey mode so I can duplicate them. Also, i did not get all of the rewards yet.
  15. CST1229

    I'm here!

    Hi, i'm CST1229, just some guy who does some things. I created this account mainly so i can comment on posts (yay).
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