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  1. TheStachelfisch

    PC INSANE tmodloader lag

    Your GPU is a mobile GPU and from 2011. Your cpu is <2010 Era. So just think about this for a hot minute. You only barely meet the LOWEST requirements for TERRARIA, not even tModLoader
  2. TheStachelfisch

    Galactic Mod in need of coders and spriters

    It would help, if you like... Explain what your mod actually adds or what its supposed to add.
  3. TheStachelfisch

    broken code...

    Look at the most basic beginner C# tutorials. This is just completely wrong, and don't randomly copy paste code, and I suggest don't pressing every code suggestion from vs/intellicode
  4. TheStachelfisch

    New to modded terraria

    Max stack plus doesn't have any Keybinds
  5. TheStachelfisch

    tModLoader A problem was encountered during world generation

    Disable Industrial pickaxes, even the mod creator says just to disable the mod
  6. TheStachelfisch

    Your enemy

    If you want some good guides look at this page tModLoader/tModLoader There also is a npc/enemy guide in there
  7. TheStachelfisch

    Mod suggestion

    That already exists in Vanilla, look above every accessory slot, there is a litttle gray button, press that one to hide accessories.
  8. TheStachelfisch

    tModLoader Cant make color red?

    If you want a bit more saturated red then use this one hsl(5, 99%, 50%) This one should stand out a bit more as red
  9. TheStachelfisch

    Best Mod Combination

    Thorium and Mod of Redemption is a pretty nice combo, and if you mix that with some QoL mods then its almost perfect, just be sure not to put any other Content mods, since 2 is already almost too much. For QoL mods I just recommend Recipe browser, No tombstones (if you want), Summoners...
  10. TheStachelfisch

    tModLoader Cant make color red?

    hsl(9, 100%, 60%) is red. And please look up on how HSL works
  11. TheStachelfisch

    I need help with installing tModloader 64bit.

    There is a detailed guide on the tModLoader 64 bit discord
  12. TheStachelfisch


  13. TheStachelfisch

    tModLoader Decompiling the source code of terraria

    Yeah good luck, that wont work...
  14. TheStachelfisch

    tModLoader Mod code

    Magic numbers aren't ever recommend, the id can be replaced with ProjectileID.TerraBeam It makes the code way more readable...
  15. TheStachelfisch

    PC Source code or updated decompiling guide for

    It's against the Forum rules to share source code and overall its not really legal to share source code of a paid application. Just decompile Terraria yourself, search up on how to decompile C# Applications
  16. TheStachelfisch

    Can't deal Critical hits in modded multiplayer

    Calamity has massive issues in Multiplayer, never use Calamity when playing multiplayer
  17. TheStachelfisch

    tModLoader Unable to build my mod.

    You can build mods on tModLoader 64 bit just fine. Your error has nothing to do with tModLoader 64 bit, its something different. This is a problem with the .Net core and framework stuff you downloaded, your best bet would be just to try and reinstall them
  18. TheStachelfisch

    tModLoader Unable to build my mod.

    Please dont spread lies
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