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  1. FireBlades

    PC PC Workshop Support

    this aged well(ish)
  2. FireBlades

    Expand Your Terraria Empire - Pylons, Town Building, and NPC Happiness

    oh this may actually get me to build stuff. nice
  3. FireBlades

    Anyone want to play some switch multiplayer?

    It will be on a medium world/large world depending on how many players join. Each player can have a class (and multiple people can go on the same class so if someone is a mage then you could be a mage too) I'll be a ranger. FC - 7891-8890-5108
  4. FireBlades

    PC About the Upcoming Master Mode and Currently Existing Expert Items

    its most likely going to have all the expert mode items though dont take my word on it
  5. FireBlades

    Resolved [Switch] Transfer worlds and characters?

    Ah that sucks, its alright tho
  6. FireBlades

    Mobile News Update - Online Multiplayer Revealed!

    might as well delay it to 2020 to spite everyone lmao
  7. FireBlades

    PC What accessories should be added in 1.4?

    You see, 1.4 is going to be the last update for this game. Its mainly on improving on the aspects of the game that were flawed, like the underground desert, ocean and spider biome. I think they should do the same for accessories as well. What do you think they should add? What I'd add is an...
  8. FireBlades

    Switch $30 for terraria on switch??

    The game does not deserve to be $10 imo. Its worth more than it costs, while i would personally like it at about $20, I think $30 is a reasonable price.
  9. FireBlades

    Resolved [Switch] Transfer worlds and characters?

    Hello, I have the Wii U version of terraria, and have some characters i would like to transfer to my switch. Would it be technically possible to update the wii u to make it so you could transfer worlds to the switch, or is it not possible?
  10. FireBlades

    Console Whats your favorite terraria boss and why

    A bit of a late post but my most favorite is the wall of flesh. You could beat him with many weapons such as the waterbolt, minishark, i once beat him with the night's edge and the dark lance. He gives you decent weapons for hardmode and excellent accessories (the emblems, demon heart, etc)
  11. FireBlades

    Switch Does the Switch Version have any plans to get the "Zapinator"?

    They are adding the Zapinator back in 1.4 for pc i believe. They may just add it to the switch version and others as well (of course, on the others color swapped)
  12. FireBlades

    PC Terraria's Future

    Why would there be a 2nd forum at all? It's Terraria community fourms. They had otherworld news on here (keyword, HAD) why would they make another community fourm just for another terraria game?
  13. FireBlades

    PC Terraria's Future

    you also have to remember that there were barely any members of relogic after red left the project. That and I did mess up on the 1.3 part. Thanks for calling me out on that. also i dont recall comparing Minecraft to terraria. and as I said before, Microsoft doesnt make the updates for...
  14. FireBlades

    PC Terraria's Future

    Im not saying add more stuff to the endgame. Thats what the mods are for. Im just saying that they might make a new update to terraria. Maybe they will make Terraria 2 instead. Maybe newer events for pre-hardmode, a new class, more bosses (not after moonlord though, probably in pre-hardmode)...
  15. FireBlades

    Stupidest things you did in terraria

    Okay, so i used a cheat engine on terraria mobile, and got myself some hallowed armor, the terra blade, and reds wings (you could fly infinitely with them back in the days) and i had a STUPID hard time with the twins, mainly because i didn't know that turtle armor even existed. I also attempted...
  16. FireBlades

    PC Terraria's Future

    On another note, I would think its time for them to step away from Terraria for a while. They have pretty much been working nonstop on releasing updates since at least 2013 (when 1.2 was released) Let ReLogic work on other games, like Pixel Piracy or whatever. Who knows, maybe given a break...
  17. FireBlades

    PC PC Workshop Support

    This probably won't ever happen, seeing as Terraria supports tModLoader, but 1.4 should be a pretty big update, possibly bigger than 1.3 seeing as its the "Journey's End", would you think that they would expand on supporting steam (They added steam integration with 1.3) with workshop support for...
  18. FireBlades

    PC Terraria's Future

    I mean, minecraft does have SOME progression. You mine, get armor (iron or diamond), go to the nether, go to the end, and build or go do other stuff like conquering an ocean monument, help a village during a raid, raid some witch huts, build bases in the end etc. This is a sandbox but i could...
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