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  1. Chimel

    tModLoader Fargo's Mods

    All of my mods are up to date and it seems to affect every bosses from every mods, I tried killing a boss from each mod I have installed and the mutant doesn't sell the summoning item of any boss I have killed, I tried killing the Mutant and making him respawn but it doesn't change anything, the...
  2. Chimel

    tModLoader Fargo's Mods

    Hi, I updated the mod recently and for some reason the Mutant only sells a few summoning items despite having beat every boss up to the Profaned Guardians, I tried rekilling the bosses but the items are not appearing back, is there any way to fix this?Thanks.
  3. Chimel

    Terraria State of the Game - July 2019

    The recommended requirements are surprisingly low??Never thought it would run on Android 4.3, and 1 GB or ram is also very low, great work on the optimization!
  4. Chimel

    Re-Logic Announces Terraria: Journey's End at E3!

    I really hope Master Mode will have new content and not just stats buff, but i'm insanely hyped!!!
  5. Chimel

    tModLoader Qwerty's Random Content Mod

    The hydra boss cannot be killed, the heads will infinitely respawn (even with the butcher from cheat sheet)
  6. Chimel

    tModLoader Antiaris

    Nice mod!I found out that if you use the Antillon Queen Claw on the target dummy, the hitbox will move permanently (unless you break it), really small bug but I wanted to report it
  7. Chimel

    tModLoader The Enigma Mod

    The mod overall is alright, but the obsidium biome is stupid, way too big, and frustrationg, building an hellevator has never been so annoying.The Ragnar boss is absolute bull:red:, way too many things at once, impossible to understand anything, his projectiles deals waaaay too much damage and...
  8. Chimel

    PC Can this farm drop crimson/corruption biome keys ?

    Thanks for the answer ! :) And you were right, with 200 blocks the Crimson music now plays, thanks a lot !
  9. Chimel

    PC Can this farm drop crimson/corruption biome keys ?

    Hey ! So, I recently made a farm to get corruption/crimson/jungle keys (yeah, it's very efficient) But, (even if it is lucky) in 30 minutes I got 2 jungle keys and no corruption/crimson, so, I don't know if this really work :/ Here is the farm : Thanks ! (btw, wtaer candle is behind my...
  10. Chimel

    PC [TmodLoader][Terraria][Modded]Crash after 5-10 minutes of playing

    Hey ! So I wanted to start a new modded playtrought but, after 5-10 minutes of playing, the game freezes and stop working... In my precedent playtrought I hadn't that problem :/.List of mods below + ZOaklen mod
  11. Chimel

    PC Game running in "slow motion"

    >How to do it x) ?
  12. Chimel

    PC Game running in "slow motion"

    Well, i've done random things I find on internet and it works, so thread closed !
  13. Chimel

    PC Game running in "slow motion"

    So, my computer died a week ago, I've got another pc, but, when I run Terraria on it, it's running in slow motion, when I'm in vanilla, it's playable but when I'm using mods (which I do, because I think i've done everything in vanilla), it's really slow, unplayable. Do you have any advice ? I'm...
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