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  1. KBitegp

    tModLoader Erilipah Re-Re-Release

    here we are, back again. Third time's the charm. Here's hoping for a successfull re-re-release!
  2. KBitegp

    tModLoader DNI Materialization

    another neat mod I'll be glad to try out!
  3. KBitegp

    tModLoader Official tModLoader Help Thread

    will I still be able to play MP with it?
  4. KBitegp

    tModLoader Official tModLoader Help Thread

    first of all, thanks for the tip, but now there's another issue: it seems that my vanilla game is stuck at version, and it won't update. Now what?
  5. KBitegp

    tModLoader Official tModLoader Help Thread

    err... so I've been trying to revert to vanilla, but... I'm not exactly sure what files I have to delete. There's Terraria.exe and FNa, but there is also a bunch of other things. what do I delete? keep in mind that I plan on switching from vanilla to modded and back from time to time, so is...
  6. KBitegp

    tModLoader Summoners' Association

    it's always a nice time when a mod gets updated after a period of inactivity. Glad to see you back at it!
  7. KBitegp

    tModLoader Intrinsics - Bind equipment and buffs to players permanently

    just dropped by to say that this might be my favourite of your works. It's endless potential with well balanced costs! it is also invaluable for certain challenge runs that tend to encumber accessory slots. Bravo to you, Hamstar, you keep outdoing yourself!
  8. KBitegp

    tModLoader Survivaria - A survival mode mod

    mods will never cease to leave me hyped. this rocks!
  9. KBitegp

    tModLoader Rise of Ages - Backwoods and Druids

    comedic value and Crowd Control value, all in one!
  10. KBitegp

    tModLoader The Spirit Mod!

    >fave boss OST guy gets a revamp YES PLEASE
  11. KBitegp

    tModLoader Ava's Mods - Thaumaturgy, Challenge Runes, YABSSM...

    glad to see you've come down to the forum. now I can tell you that I love how you handled Thaumaturgy. It's such a fun way of dealing with potion making! since stars and mana crystals kinda lose importance after reaching max mana and the Star Cannon gets outclassed, it's nice to give them a new...
  12. KBitegp

    Video Fury's Forge - Build and Building-related Videos (Official Contest Winner!)

    It is me again, I just really like sharing my stuff hereThis is the result of me tinkering with modded building items and paint. Here is a ruined ancient shrine in the middle of a forest, featuring stuff from Builder Plus, Furniture Food and Fun and Chad's Furniture. Also I'd like to thank Fury...
  13. KBitegp

    tModLoader Loot Bags Mod

    I do know how to, but I'll just give you a hint: what do you use when you first start and what do you do when you finish a playthrough? solve the riddle and you'll see what I mean :naughty:
  14. KBitegp

    tModLoader Shadows of Abaddon mod

    I'd like to say something meaningful...but I've got nothing, this is too good for words.:naughty:
  15. KBitegp

    tModLoader Fargo's Mods

    And again Fargo delivers those things you didn't know you wanted until you saw 'em. this is beautiful
  16. KBitegp

    tModLoader SGAmod

    there are good concepts here, that's for sure. as this mod is basically a dropbox for all of your ideas on how to improve vanilla, I really have nothing worth suggesting (besides taking your time with the project, obviously), so I'll just compliment your initiative: Bravo! the Wraiths and the...
  17. KBitegp

    tModLoader Fargo's Mods

    Now THIS is the quality stuff I downloaded this mod for. simply outstanding job, Fargo!:D
  18. KBitegp

    A Curated Collection of QoL Mods

    good stuff, works nicely in modpacks too!
  19. KBitegp

    Video Fury's Forge - Build and Building-related Videos (Official Contest Winner!)

    it was actually built specifically for the fountain. I wanted to give it a Kirby-esque aesthetic but ended up improvising instead, still like it tho
  20. KBitegp

    Video Fury's Forge - Build and Building-related Videos (Official Contest Winner!)

    A little thing I made in my test world after watching your tips n' tricks videos: a small space shrine, featuring a bird-powered fountain system and some blocks and wall from Jenosis' Furniture, Food and Fun mod. keeping a theme using rainbow blocks is tough btw
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