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  1. Billdakat

    **REPORTED** dirt bombs on hammer blocks

    last night when trying to fill a natural hole i discovered that the dirt bombs if they land on a hammered block would not consistently fill the area dirt. i was streaming at the time and i have attached a clip to show what was happening. in case it matters i am playing multiplayer via ip...
  2. Billdakat

    NPCs & Enemies Bob the Consultant

    Bob the Consultant, (Office space reference) would only appear in multiplayer worlds when 2 people join the same team and you have maybe 10 gold (he is expensive). He would sell Team building items, all items would be coded to what ever team you are on and only usable by other members of the...
  3. Billdakat

    PC 1.3.1 Release Date!

    I just started a new lets play world... and kinda hope not, but will not complain if i must
  4. Billdakat

    PC 1.3.1 Release Date!

    Is this an update that will require a new world?
  5. Billdakat

    Items Mana Fruit

    I was thinking there should be a mana equivalent to Life fruit, it could spawn in the underground desert post plantera or post golum, and they would give you +5 mana to each of your natural stars so your base mana would be come 250. I would make a sprite but it would be pathetic and lame.
  6. Billdakat

    Other Unlockable "class" starting kits for Terraria 2

    Alright, I am talking about Terraria 2 not Otherworld. I was only suggesting it for T2 because it would be too much of a change to T1.
  7. Billdakat

    Other Unlockable "class" starting kits for Terraria 2

    If this needs moved to the correct thread I apologize. I was thinking that a cool mechanic for Terraria 2 would be a series of unlockable class starting kits. I am thinking once you get a bow you get the ranger that starts with a bow Gun slinger would be after you find a gun etc. also after...
  8. Billdakat

    Official Get Wired For Terraria 1.3.1: Calling All Terrarian Mechanics!

    No a safe in terms of minecraft would be an ender chest. The pipes automatically empty one chest into another. What would be great is a safe or pigy bank at the top with pipes so the pigy banks items just get dropping down into chest back at base so you only have to recall when you want to.
  9. Billdakat

    3DS Terraria for 3DS Coming Soon

    Well i was wanting to know as I have the PC version and was hoping for some of the unique mobile (and or) console bosses. I would also be happy if the wii U/3ds versions had special bosses all their own.
  10. Billdakat

    3DS Terraria for 3DS Coming Soon

    so is this a "mobile" version or a "console" version of the game?
  11. Billdakat

    Official Get Wired For Terraria 1.3.1: Calling All Terrarian Mechanics!

    Any chance of item pipes, like minecraft funnels, would be great for when you are looting the dungeon and build a derp house with chest. you link them to onw back at your base and all of them would empty into that one as you empty it
  12. Billdakat

    Items team based piggy banks

    As simple as that a piggy bank that would work for anyone in a certain team color.
  13. Billdakat

    NPCs & Enemies New NPC: The Taxidermist

    I think this could be a good addition to a Summoner Expansion patch... Oh, How would you earn it? Most NPCs have something like that. Maybe a taxidermy table added to the dungeon?
  14. Billdakat

    NPCs & Enemies Potion seller NPC or Alchemist NPC

    My main reason for wanting this is a do a lets play were we can't craft anything much beyond torches, campfire, platforms and sticky bombs, oh and 1 hammer. Make the game more challenging without the extreme that is expert mode
  15. Billdakat

    NPCs & Enemies Potion seller NPC or Alchemist NPC

    I would like to suggest an NPC that sells all the potions currently available in the game randomly, for lazy people who do not want to make them. They could also have a few special potions that can only be obtained from them. The requirement for getting them would be placing a alchemy in an...
  16. Billdakat

    Official 1.3 Launch Feedback Thread

    Is there any way to make the expert mode treasure bags glow? I think i missed out one one because it was in a wall the other day.
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