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  1. HappyDays

    Mobile Terraria Mobile Update - Introducing DR Studios

    Welcome DR Studios! I know our Terraria mobile community has been eagerly anticipating 1.3 for mobile! Looking forward to seeing what you can achieve in 2019! :)
  2. HappyDays

    Terraria: State of the Game (9/14/18)

    This is a fantastic positive step doing a monthly news round-up! I'm sure our community will really appreciate this! Keep it up Pipeworks! :)
  3. HappyDays

    Terraria 1.3 PS4 Hotfixes Released + Plan Moving Forward

    This is fantastic news! Keep up the great work! :D
  4. HappyDays

    Console That's No Moon... It's a Moonlord: Terraria 1.3 Launches on PS4, XB1 Submitted

    HYPE! Congrats to Pipeworks and Re-Logic for all your work bringing this amazing update to console (and other platforms soon to come!) Have fun getting that Moon Lord everyone! :D
  5. HappyDays

    PC 1.3.5 is Live!

    So HYPED! Can't wait to explore! Thanks again team! :D
  6. HappyDays

    Pixel Privateers!

    Awesome news! I liked the initial trailers for this game and look forward to checking it out! :)
  7. HappyDays

    Experimental Features - Texture Pack Support and World Seeds!

    Texture packs?! Must...contain...excitement! I mean don't get me wrong I love Terraria's art style but it can be fun to mix things up too! :D
  8. HappyDays

    1.3.4 is LIVE!

    Woo hoo! So excited for this! Thanks so much!
  9. HappyDays

    A Distinctly Etherian Update: Terraria and Dungeon Defenders II Crossover Coming Soon!

    Wow! This looks amazing! I can't wait to check out the new tower defense mechanic in Terraria and see Terraria in Dungeon Defenders 2! :D
  10. HappyDays

    Standalone Super Terraria World - MMORPG Style Mod - Server and Client Mod

    Hi there! I just tried out Super Terraria World! I quite enjoyed the first area and am looking forward to exploring the world more! :)
  11. HappyDays

    PC 1.3.3 Changelog

    Awesome! Thanks for the update! :)
  12. HappyDays

    Terraria: Otherworld Terraria Otherworld: Bringing You Up to Speed

    Wow! Thanks for the update! The purity shield around the base seems a really exciting mechanic and the weapon leveling sounds really fun! :)
  13. HappyDays

    Mobile The Path Ahead: Major News Updates for Console & Mobile

    So much news! 1.3 for current gen, everyone will be excited! Welcome to the community Pipeworks :) I'm sure everyone is glad for the update! :)
  14. HappyDays

    PC 1.3.2 Changelog

    Thanks so much Safeman (and the Re-Logic team!) Can't wait to try it out! :D
  15. HappyDays

    PC News Flash!

    Wow! Such awesome news! Also thanks for the 1.3.2 update, the Birthday event sounds like so much fun :)
  16. HappyDays

    I am LOVING the Terraria 1.3.1 update! So much experimenting to do with all the new conveyors...

    I am LOVING the Terraria 1.3.1 update! So much experimenting to do with all the new conveyors, sensors and the GRAND DESIGN! :)
  17. HappyDays

    Terraria 1.3.1 UPDATE CONFIRMED! Hype! :D

    Terraria 1.3.1 UPDATE CONFIRMED! Hype! :D
  18. HappyDays

    PC 1.3.1 Release Date!

    Wow thanks Cenx & the Re-Logic team! This is going to be amazing! Happy 5th birthday! :)
  19. HappyDays

    tModLoader ZoaklenMod

    Hi Zoaklen! I'm looking forward to trying out your mod as I'm currently doing a throwing playthrough. Some feedback: - the 'Deck Card' is too powerful considering how easily it is acquired. I did some quick testing and it basically broke the difficulty of early expert mode. I'd suggest manual...
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