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  1. AlexTerrarian

    Member-Run Contest Terraria give away .

    Hello guys , my name is Alex and I decided to make kind of a "santa contest". I want to organise this xmas a terraria give away topic . If u want to win a terraria steam copy please just post on this topic a hand drawing of a festive terraria scene . The most festive one(s) will win a steam...
  2. AlexTerrarian

    PS3 Looking for some items.

    Hello guys , as th title say , I am looking for 2 items and that would be a snowman cannon and a RoD (Rod of Discord) and I am willing to trade many items , just give me a PM with what do you want for these 2 items and I might have it . (Please do not ask for pets , I am not colecting these)...
  3. AlexTerrarian

    Blme the person above you .

    @Omnir , you are finally saved from this curse . Anyway , here are the rules : Do not insult and you must give a reason for blaming . #blame @no one for being ... no one.
  4. AlexTerrarian

    PS3 Chain gun

    I want to sell an chain gun . I am mostly interested in an elf melter.
  5. AlexTerrarian

    Resolved What ???

    When I was building stuffs with some spikes , a wall generated in the middle , I made that build bigge then the walls started to be ome bigger and to move . Here iz a phoo with the wall also in a very old world , something glitched in a real and workable coin gun (I never checked the world since...
  6. AlexTerrarian

    Anyone who is felling sorry for PixelPixel

    Anyone who is felling sorry for @Pixel lost , fell free to post your buildings here . Feel free using mine for editing , example.
  7. AlexTerrarian

    Summoners need some love too

    Did you ever put the question : why the hell there aren't summoners in pre HM? I think the answers is yes so I comed out with an fresh idea. There should be a Serpent set and also a new and decent summoning staff. Serpent hood : Made by 15 silk and 15 serpent bone 3 defense , adds 1 bonus...
  8. AlexTerrarian

    PS3 The axe

    WTS the axe with legendary prefix , I would accept paladin hammer + ank shield (both) If you are interested add AlexROraul
  9. AlexTerrarian

    truffle not spawn

    I don't know what to do , here is my house and biome (the house is valid)
  10. AlexTerrarian

    PS3 Chlorophyte

    Selling Chlorophyte bars for money and staks of gold and plat. ---> 1 stack of C. means an half stack of gold/plat bars. Left in stock : 16 stacks .
  11. AlexTerrarian

    PS3 WTS a stack of glowing mushroom

    I want just 2 stacks of stone . Add AlexROraul with text stone.
  12. AlexTerrarian

    PS3 WTB moon stone

    I have to give sun stone , lots of plat. and any golem drops (including trophy)
  13. AlexTerrarian

    After mirror spawn glitch :)

    If you have a liquid such honey / preasure plate at your spawn point , and you use a magic mirror few titles from liquid and preasure plate will disappear . (Not tried with anything else)
  14. AlexTerrarian

    Resolved Ok so ... Don't know what to say ...

    Ok , so just one , verry simple question , I have a ps vita , and I can't find any players and that means I need to play with ps3 playrs , pice of cake (for now). Someone told me I can play with ps3 players but actually I cannot . Just why play a game if I don't have anyone to play with ? Any...
  15. AlexTerrarian

    PS3 Got money

    I need 3 broken hero swords I pay 500 plat. each and a tabi , I pay 1500 plat. Psn AlexROraul
  16. AlexTerrarian

    PS3 I need a frost hydra staff

    I have to give lots of platinum coins , dual hook , stalker launcher , eye of the golem and many I don't remember right now.
  17. AlexTerrarian

    PS3 Want to trade a key mold

    I already got a corruption key mold and this one is unecesary for me and I would like another one.
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