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    go home spawning algorithm, you're drunk

    Then can, yes, but should they eh? is that not the nature of a 'bug'? feels a bit odd- probe being underground, and if it does see you, it will race through that ground to summon the hoarde. I feel like you're supposed to get a chance to snipe it instead of fighting the aliens. just feels...
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    terraria not DPI_Aware/Windows Scaling issue

    another day of silly terraria hackery... so, today's discovery is that terraria doesn't have the proper system DPI scaling awareness set in it's manifest. On scaled outputs (windows 10 reduced scale via 'desktop window manager') the terraria window doesn't properly initiate in scaled mode. If I...
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    Working as Designed I think I found a balence breaking oversight Glitch

    IIRC Badger had a speedrun route/seed that included a chest less than half way to hell with meteorite bars. just lucky. 27 bars isn't enough for a full armor set and weapon, so it isn't as much of a skip as you'd think unless there were 2 such chests..
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    if I'm writing this in visual studio (red said this is what the engine was written in at least), and I'm trying to optimize for runtime, I'd write this to check a bit of the ID of the use item. like, assume there are ~5k items in game so assume a 16 bit length for the ID... If you, say, can...
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    go home spawning algorithm, you're drunk

    picture speaks for itself.
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    Post the worst luck you have every had in Terraria here.

    __Literally__ every single update, on every single system (android mobile, xbox, PC), On my first world/playthrough of that update, my first meteor spawns inside/next to the dungeon entrance, or on a sky island. 7 times so far. 1.4 was a dungeon world.... a large world without a single living...
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    PC [Visual Bug?] Stardust Guardian is no longer translucent? (Some dyes now look way worse on him because of this.)

    I'm not 100% sure on this, but I'd suspect that you could create a texture pack that would fix this issue. Couldn't even tell you the first step to doing this, but that's what texture packs do right? change/fix sprites?
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    **REPORTED** Character/Worlds with special letters in their name won't stay favorited

    this looks a lot like a simple Mismatch between ASCII/UniCode strlen function / string compare problem.. maybe using the length of the data in the config file instead of the length of the string once it's been imported. or maybe they're using the length of the buffer holding the data instead...
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    Mac Mouse cursor restrictions

    just for giggles, can you try changing your resolution to 1920x1200 and give the mouse range another test? anything above this will just be a stretched version of this resolution anyway.
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    have you tried with smart cursor and without? can you have a starfury and a zenith in your hotbar, move the caret out of reach with the starfury and then just change to the zenith to see if it rebounds or not. I know it's a shot in the dark, and I have no reason to think this will work (I do...
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    Working as Designed Sanguine Staff w/ Critter Shampoo?

    it should work from the vanity slot too... Some dyes just don't have much of an effect on the sanguine staff. Wisp dye has almost no difference. red acid, living rainbow, lokis, wisp, no dye
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    **REPORTED** keybinding grapple=enter shows unwanted text box instead [regression, running unmodified v1.4.0.5]

    if you're a software engineer and you have some real experience with coding in c++ with windows in mind, You'll probably be aware of low level keyboard hooking (ex SetWindowsHookEx(WH_KEYBOARD_LL, KeyboardProc,GetModuleHandle(NULL),0);). if you use that with KeyboardProc callback, and filter...
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    Just Found A Potential Glitch To Do With The Hoplite Statue (1.4)

    just speculation here but, it seems based on testing that non-food drops are reduced by 10x and food drops are reduced 100x (based on farming pigrons with statues.. bacon ~1 drop in ~1200 kills vs 6% posted drop rate, pigron minecart ~1 drop in ~1000 kills vs 1% posted drop rate) Overnight...
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    Just an FYI, they haven't officially responded to a bug thread since thursday. probably won't be back in until tuesday. keep your head up, I'm sure it'll get fixed.
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    odd behavior with Terraria windowed in TOPMOST mode

    was playing around with window order today, and wrote a quick little program to lock the window position and size because I'd regularly clicked off the window or clicked to resize the window accidentally while fighting or general derpyness. when the window is resized manually, the field of...
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    PC Monster spawn on player created background wall?

    binoculars and the sniperscope/ranged weapon combo both change the spawning mechanics substantially. this in itself may directly deter the spawns he's trying to investigate (while making his farm near useless when those zooming items are equipped). other than that, yeah, I've seen slimes slip...
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    PC Problematic backups

    guys. Rolling backups. It's really simple. like keep 10 backups and only overwrite the oldest(let the user determine how many to keep). 30+ gigs of stuff in my recycle bin is not a good way to run your program. If you want a 'long backup versioning' system, just change them out at a binary...
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    PC Monster spawn on player created background wall?

    Admittedly I do not know this to be 100% factual, but, In my experience, player-placed walls do not 100% deter spawning unless they're part of a 'suitable housing' structure. whether this is a bug or not is not clear. if you really want to stop the spawning, remove the platforms, or fill that...
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    Working as Designed Is there a bug with teleporters?

    so, a further update, You don't need more than 1 color. just have the sensor wire go through the portals(exactly as you already have it) and put a timer on the wire anywhere. (I literally facepalmed when I realized that the sensor won't teleport you but it will activate the timer and...
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    PC Queen slime bugs, counter-clockwise conveyor block swap bug, return potion click range bug

    no mount effects your fall damage if you aren't actively riding it... I don't think any mounts reset fall distance if you equip and dequip them in the same fall, and it's a misconception that fall damage is based on velocity... it's based on the last place you used a jump or contacted a block...
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