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  1. laurorual

    Terraria Launch on Nintendo Switch

    will the game support cross-play in any form?
  2. laurorual

    Linux Missing fonts in main menu

    I have found the solution and I'm going to share it in here so anyone with that problem can fix it or the developers can see a way to fix it. Basically I had Steam installed through Flatpak, and somehow that broke Terraria. When i reinstalled Steam through a .deb file, Terraria was ok again. So...
  3. laurorual

    Linux Missing fonts in main menu

    1. Already did it 2. Already did it 3. I don't know about any dependencies on Linux that I have to install in order to run Terraria 4. Yes it does Still no font in the main menu :/
  4. laurorual

    Linux Missing fonts in main menu

    hello everyone! i just installed terraria in my Ubuntu 18.04 machine and everytime i open the game, the main menu is missing, but i know it is there because i can click in the menus, i think the font is missing! how do i fix this?
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