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  1. MoonRite

    Game Mechanics Shimmer Fishing ?

    It's kind of surprising that shimmer is the only liquid that you can't fish from. I would love if there was something tbh by either using a special rod or bait.
  2. MoonRite

    Items Biome Dye ?

    For so long I thought Bime Dy was a thing due to the fact that Biome Hair Dye already exist.
  3. MoonRite

    **REPORTED** [Mobile] Lavafall/Honeyful Bug ?

    I'm not sure, but shouldn't these fade in instead of having a hard edge at the bottom? I'm on color lighting by the way.
  4. MoonRite

    **REPORTED** [Mobile] Shimmer Waterfall not rendering properly

    i'm on color, but this is how it looks on Trippy @Unit One
  5. MoonRite

    **REPORTED** [Mobile] Echo Coating on Item Frames & Weapon Racks Bug

    I have noticed that on mobile using echo coating on an item frame/ weapon rack makes the placed item also disappear. Instead this how it is supposed to look like normally (as you see here the placed item shouldn't be affected)
  6. MoonRite

    Drawings & Paintings Ocean Doodle

    Here's something I've made recently, hope ya like it! :rslime:
  7. MoonRite

    Nice to meet ya all!

    Hi, I'm MoonRite! you probably have seen me around ? or not ? 🤷‍♂️ I usually draw and stuff. I'm very random, also big fan of slimes!! :rslime:
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