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    Question about fishing and zephyr fish

    Title explains it all. I have a question about zephyr fish, What are the odds of getting the fish? with a reinforced fishing pole, a fishing potion and master bait? i'm asking because I got one of these rare boys. edit: and a few minutes after posting this i get a reaver shark with apprentice...
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    Your necessities for every (vanilla) playthrough

    wings. thats it. WINGS. and thats because. something you want to avoid? Just fly over it. and i think they can make you go fast when you use them
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    Hot Topic Post your Terraria hours!

    91 hours. i only brought the game 11 days ago too.
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    Scariest enemy!?

    Bats. Because they always kill you :mad: But my actual opinion is the nymph. when you see a lost girl you think that she is an npc so you decide to save her. but when you get close. it turns into an enemy that can kill you really fast early game. and you can get scared for the first time by...
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